About Me

Alexa Clark


I am Alexa Clark specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have experience in listening and welcoming in Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy. It meets demands such as generalized anxiety, professional, love and family conflicts, stress, depression, sexual dysfunction, grief, and adolescents from 15 years of age. Over the years, I felt the need to conduct the psychotherapy sessions with subtlety since I understand that the psychologist acts as a facilitator of self-understanding and self-acceptance, valuing each person’s respect, uniqueness, and acceptance.

There are times in life when we can no longer handle or handle everything on our own. We often live in automatic thoughts, which distort reality and make us prone to negativity and forget to give due value to our physical and mental health.

In this case, it takes impartial listening to understand how you feel and how you can react to it. Maybe you’re looking for a place where you can talk openly about your best and worst version. Build and deconstruct ideas and ideals. Knowing yourself, accepting yourself, observing the situation from other angles, elaborating and understanding certain situations. Redeem your identity.

This is your place. Your space.

Even though there seems to be no way out, I invite you to think about the countless possibilities and alternatives because of your anxieties and weaknesses, to feel more confident and secure, with the lightness I seek to bring to our meetings.

Together we can start, rethink, visualize, discard, plan, rehearse, laugh, and even cry. This is your moment, your indispensable care. Come and experience this experience and, finally, find a suitable reception for your afflictions. I want to help you deal with them with wisdom and resilience for a much lighter life. The life you deserve!

What is the role of the psychologist?

The psychologist’s job is to help the patient to develop autonomy and wisdom to make their decisions.

Currently, we live in a time of pressure and stress, whether at work, at home, at school/college, or when educating children. These moments of pressure and stress can trigger anxiety and even depression if the individual does not find the best way to deal with these conflicts. It is precisely at this moment that the psychologist plays his role. When we are stressed, we also feel sad, and it is challenging for us to make decisions or see a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

At this time, the psychologist will use tools to relieve the patient’s tension, helping him find solutions to maintain the necessary balance in situations that cause discomfort and affliction.

Emotional health is just as important as physical health. You have to be psychologically well to work, to socialize with family and friends, and, above all, to feel good about yourself. Therefore, the demand for psychologists has increased every day. More and more people have felt the need to lead their lives more lightly.