Values ​​are principles that determine attitudes, behaviors, decisions and feelings; and even emotions. These delimit people to conform to what these rules dictate. In a society, several types of values ​​are established, each of them deals with a specific issue and establishes how each individual must adjust to them. This is how it is possible to maintain order and also a better coexistence .

These determine feelings and emotions that satisfy the needs that are related to love. In this way, people can offer and receive affection according to what these values ​​dictate.

Well-being and pleasure are some of the values that allow people to maintain a better mood and a feeling of greater security.

Concept of affective values

It is usual for people to decide to act in certain ways according to what they consider to be pleasant or unpleasant . Affective values ​​therefore serve as a guide to maintain a healthier relationship. The people involved will not be negatively affected. These values ​​give greater importance to the emotional part and not to reason.

Most of the different types of securities are closely related. Certain principles and personal positions are established, they share characteristics that resemble several concepts.

Affective values, therefore, can be confused or related to ethical, moral, family, social and intellectual values .

Affective values ​​will have a more direct relationship with family values , this is because both are demonstrated through the same type of actions and attitudes. In both, the same value is given to love and about it.

These values ​​are enduring, but they are also characterized in that they eventually undergo transformations . This process depends on the experiences and the particular affective needs, therefore they are complex. They are part of the integrity of people and help them make decisions taking into account the feelings and needs of others.

Characteristics and importance of affective values

They are characterized by generating sensitive reactions, they allow a better understanding of different common situations in coexistence between people. Values ​​can be defined as norms that allow us to act appropriately at different times. This is how you can pay attention or contribute with goodwill in society.

In general, all values ​​help establish a behavior that is accepted by the majority of people within a society. They can be related to attitudes, feelings, and emotions mainly.

They have the same objective: to satisfy all the basic needs of all equally.

  • They allow to achieve a pleasant, pleasant and satisfactory relationship. They are considered to be a primary part of society, as they promote healthier relationships from a psychic point of view.

Values ​​are usually described as principles, they can also be identified as norms that allow establishing a discipline. In psychology it is considered that values ​​should be studied, since they demonstrate that it characterizes a society in terms of its relationships, behaviors and ideals. 

Most people’s reactions are governed by values ​​that are voluntarily accepted by most of the individuals who are part of a social group.

  • They are emotionally oriented and contribute to creating human behavior that can satisfy psychic and emotional needs.
  • They share characteristics with religious , social and universal values .
  • They do not necessarily compete with each other, together they seek to improve human aspects, this is how a more complete personal development is achieved because they grant positive qualities .

Examples of the types of affective values

The different types of affective values ​​correspond to the various ways in which people show affection . Some of the most important for today’s society are described below:


It is considered to be the universal affective value par excellence. This is an enduring feeling, the intensity of which can vary over time. It is not possible to love another person if there is not some kind of appreciation regarding the characteristics that identify him.

Likewise, it happens with spaces and things, love is usually intrinsically related to factors such as well-being and security .


It is the expression of gratitude for having received some kind of favor or demonstration of affection.

It can be a mutual feeling in people who have experienced a healthy relationship, from which both have benefited.

Gratitude can be shown by words of comfort, a hug or simply by receiving a congratulation. Gratitude is also a demonstration of solidarity and respect.

I respect

The best way in which it can be shown that a person is being shown care is by taking into account their needs and contributions is through respect.

It shows through a behavior that the welfare of others is sought. It is part of the integrity of a person, it is considered to be a virtue , since not all people can demonstrate it.


It is related to other types of affective values, this is because it is characterized by showing empathy towards other people .

It is the sign that we are capable of putting ourselves in the place of others, in this way we can understand that they experience from their position.

Solidarity is a genuine feeling, through this courage help and care can be offered to those who need it most.


It relates to respect and is a clear demonstration of care regarding the personal safety of other people.

It is considered essential, because it fosters a good relationship between people who live in the same social group.


It is the ability to offer care to other people, its practice implies that we maintain a calmer attitude and pay attention to the needs of others.

It is a quality that must be put into practice in any social situation.

It is considered to be a positive behavior that should always be given to children and people in need.

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Alexa Clark specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has experience in listening and welcoming in Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy. It meets demands such as generalized anxiety, professional, love and family conflicts, stress, depression, sexual dysfunction, grief, and adolescents from 15 years of age. Over the years, She felt the need to conduct the psychotherapy sessions with subtlety since She understands that the psychologist acts as a facilitator of self-understanding and self-acceptance, valuing each person's respect, uniqueness, and acceptance.

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