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We always hope that the information we give you will be of some help for the phobias that you have or that you suffer because there are many and today we will talk about one in particular called amaxophobia, which is the fear of going by car and that originates simply with the combination external events and predispositions of the individual.

Its origin may also be due to fear or phobia of speed.

The normal thing is that no problem occurs when driving, but in some situations and in certain people this phobia can be activated as an exaggerated reaction to a driving situation, resulting in the complication of normal driving situations until reaching the About to forget about the steering wheel.


The amaxofobia to the Like other phobias, certain causes symptoms like are:

  • Sickness
  • Headache
  • Loss of orientation
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Panic attacks
  • Impossibility of facing the handling

There are more than 500 phobias, although only 100 are registered in the American Psychological Society, this does not mean that the other four hundred or more should be taken with some normality or with more tranquility, since anyone who has tried to conquer irrational fear Like amaxophobia , it knows perfectly well that it is very difficult and the person must be guided to overcome this impossibility through their phobic tendencies and thus be able to lead a totally normal life.

The good thing for these people is that phobias, especially amaxophobia, can be overcome very quickly if they are guided in the right way.

In addition, there are certain strategies that can make you simply start enjoying what a car can offer you.


There are people who simply avoid driving situations in addition to including public transport in this phobia when it is extreme.

The first situations of amaxophobia can be noticed in people who learn to drive but did so with great fear and also did not finish polishing their driving skills.

The latter can be from people who have already been driving for years and due to age or time driving have lost interest in it and therefore their ability to drive.

The third and most common is people who have suffered certain traffic accidents as well as people close to them, therefore it results in a totally justified fear.



Direct and constant treatment is necessary to overcome any type of phobia, everything can start from cognitive therapies to reaching a medication in case of extreme anxiety and stress levels, although it is not totally recommended that phobias be treated with medications since there are others possible ways in which you can reach success without any problems.

The first thing a person with this condition has to do is completely forget about their grief since many people who have a phobia make it more serious with the negative thought of assuming that they are going to be rejected or that they are simply going to experience episodes of the phobia in the next few hours.

Therefore, you must face the phobia of driving in a very peculiar way and recognize that you are not alone with this problem because there are many professionals who are willing to battle against amaxophobia in a consistent and constant way.

Very important is the willpower of the patient so that the overcoming of amaxophobia begins in a progressive but successful way and that you simply realize that you have lost it when you are in the final part of the strategy applied by the professional.

To stop a phobia is to face it and not let panic paralyze you, because we all have bad days and bad experiences, but this does not mean that all life will be marked by it since there are things that are not so important as to weaken you and not let you go forward.

If you do not feel that you are making any progress with your phobia , then think again and face it in a very radical way so that you see that the best way to face a phobia is with willpower since you are the person who will prevail over it. the phobia and take advantage of all the benefits that getting rid of one of them brings.

You have to understand that you cannot be destined to only take any type of transport that may cause delays in your daily life and your activities when you already have a car or wish to have one, you will not gain anything by attracting thoughts of constant feeling of regret.

Phobias are useless, just to annoy, since being in a car, in addition to taking advantage of it, you can enjoy it.

A call to action has to be imminent so that phobias disappear once and for all, as you will have to bear in mind that cars are tools used daily by human beings to take advantage of their benefits and therefore you will have to reprogram your brain to So try to grasp the benefits of going by car.

Neuro-linguistic programming works by writing a certain specific plan on how you should act in addition to constantly reminding you and even seeing photos of what it can be like to drive a car, it can make you face amaxophobia periodically until it is eliminated.

When there comes a point that amaxophobia keeps you at home and that not even the advice you can get through the Internet or from your family solves it, then it is necessary that you go directly to a therapist or a psychologist .

Psychologists will usually treat this phobia like any other and will begin to ask certain questions about your life to see if they can eradicate the problem from the root, either because you have suffered a traffic accident or that someone close to you had it or some bad experience with cars that could cause amaxophobia.

There are certain cases that are simply formed due to negative thoughts and assumptions of people taken to maximum levels that can result in these behaviors.

Various studies indicate that a higher percentage of women are afraid of driving alone than men.

Through several therapy sessions, patients can be positively affected since their brains will be reconfigured little by little and this is the secret of psychological treatments since they always start with talks once a week and later the therapies Consecutive will bring benefits to the person suffering from the phobia, thus trying to normalize the situation and try to eliminate any negative thoughts that may arise regarding them.

In other cases it can be noticed that there are people who undergo hypnosis therapies which can be positive.

The hypnosis is not said to have a certified medical result but if cognitive enhancement and improvement is just so the slightest, can be very functional to improve any phobia.

Once amaxophobia already has some progress and it is possible for you to interact with public transport, then you can proceed to take the individual in family cars and even to driving classes which will help eliminate amaxophobia once and for all . Drive without fear !

There are many driving schools which are dedicated to this type of phobia and experts teach how to drive and can show how safe it is to drive to people with these phobias.

You can investigate through the Internet of certain driving schools which are intended to study and overcome amaxophobia around the world, it can be overcome in many ways and we will notice that after overcoming it, we will enjoy the basic benefits that being in contact can offer us daily with a car with responsibility and respect behind the wheel.

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Alexa Clark specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has experience in listening and welcoming in Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy. It meets demands such as generalized anxiety, professional, love and family conflicts, stress, depression, sexual dysfunction, grief, and adolescents from 15 years of age. Over the years, She felt the need to conduct the psychotherapy sessions with subtlety since She understands that the psychologist acts as a facilitator of self-understanding and self-acceptance, valuing each person's respect, uniqueness, and acceptance.

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