In psychology it has been shown that there are people who show personality traits that belong to both introversion and extroversion. These people are called with the term ambivertido, it could be said that they show the most positive virtues and abilities of both personalities.

According to accepted descriptions of this typology, ambivert have social skills but may also show a preference for loneliness. They can easily speak in public, express themselves freely, and also listen carefully to other people. At the same time, they could spend a lot of time developing activities in private, without the participation of others being necessary.

What is ambivertido?

What is ambivertido

Ambivert is defined as a personality type characterized by maintaining a balance between introversion and extroversion. The first time this term was used was in 1923, with the proposal made by the American psychologist named Edmund S. Conklin . In his research he developed the theory that there are people who have the qualities of these two personalities.

Therefore, an ambivert will show facets in which he will prefer solitude, and at other times he will try to seek company. This balance is the main trait, their flexibility of character makes them people capable of adapting to any circumstance . In addition, they have spontaneity, as well as a good intuition to know how to behave properly.

They are people who seek to satisfy their personal needs before being influenced by others. Therefore, they will know how to choose when is the ideal time to spend time with themselves , they greatly appreciate the contribution that introspection means. They are very selective when choosing whom to share their time with. They respect the privacy of others, just as they expect others to respect their own choices.

For psychology it is important to study how is the mental functioning of people who have this personality. For example, according to studies done in the neurosciences, these are people who show sensitivity to dopamine . Therefore, when there is a propensity to be in contact with many stimuli, both internal and external, they will feel emotionally exhausted.

What are the characteristics of the ambivert personality? 

The main characteristic of this personality is the ability to concentrate , both in the outer world and in the interior. In this sense, they maintain good stability in terms of their mental functions, they know how to determine which moments are the most appropriate to react in a certain way.

In psychology these people have good communication between their memories and ideas, the imagination is made up of a subjective mental universe . There are several features that are important which are described below:

  • They are not usually shy , but it does not mean that there is full ease to socialize. They usually know how to adapt to each situation.
  • They appreciate solitude and moments of reflection, having contact with themselves is essential.
  • They are very selective when it comes to choosing people to spend time with.
  • They prefer quiet environments , although if they determine that it is necessary they can participate in more active social gatherings.
  • They tend not to engage in conversations with people they do not know. However, depending on the case, they are able to meet new friends. For this reason, they most likely require the support of well-known people.
  • In the conversations they can participate fully if they are interested in the topic discussed, they can be very talkative if they have a lot of knowledge to share.
  • They can listen carefully , they tend to show interest in the opinion and needs of others.
  • They can spend a lot of time with other people, however they consider that this period should not be exceeded; because they get emotionally tired. They are often described as calm and assertive when making decisions. They know how to control their impulses and can have a slightly more subjective perspective, taking into account the possible consequences of a decision.
  • They are true to themselves and to the people they hold dear or respect. It may not be easy to influence them or make them change their mind.
  • In their spare time they will prefer to spend time alone , they consider it to be more productive.
  • They have the ability to carefully observe everything that happens around them, in turn they will know how to actively participate when their help is requested.

5 indicators of ambivert

5 indicators of ambivert

As explained above, the ambivert personality has traits of both introverts and extroverts , but to be more precise there are characteristics that help in its identification. The 5 main indicators are described below:

  1. People with this personality tend not to initiate conversations , especially when it comes to interacting with strangers. Once they have already been included in an activity of this type, they will begin to integrate. When they feel confident they will show interest and contribute all their knowledge during this exchange.
  2. They tend to fear meeting new people , are uncomfortable and will not know how to act. For these cases, the help and closeness of friends or people they already know is required. When they have this type of support, they will be able to maintain a more fluid social interaction.
  3. They are always honest with their opinions , for example when expressing interest in a topic of conversation. They will be able to speak in great detail and maintain a direct connection with all participants. Instead, if the topic is not something they know or is not interesting, they will quickly make it clear that they will not participate.
  4. They find spending a lot of time in the company of other people strenuous. Your social activities are limited for a certain period of time. In this way they guarantee their participation, but also that they can withdraw to carry out other activities of their interest in private.
  5. On a professional level, they show a calm character and in stressful situations they are assertive when making decisions. This is because they are not impulsive, they take other people into account and may have a better notion of the possible solutions available.

The relationship between introvert, extrovert and ambivert

The relationship that exists between these personalities helps to better understand their functions. In most cases, it is explained that the personality shows a dichotomy between extrovert and introvert . This is considered to be a way of analyzing the psychology of an individual that does not conform to reality. It could be said that most people show traits of both personalities.

The character of a person is in a process of constant change , it depends on the circumstances to which they must adapt and the people with whom they are interacting. In addition, people have tendencies or preferences, which remain stable throughout life. From an early age they manifest and are easy to identify.

According to scientific research focused on the field of psychology, it has been determined that the secretion of some hormones and other substances in the brain; has an important participation in the development of the personality. Depending on their levels of stimulation, people will naturally tend to display a particular behavior.

In the case of introverts, they will prefer this stimulation to be brief, so they will avoid facing situations that make them feel overwhelmed or anxious . On the other hand, extroverts require such stimulation, which is why they will constantly seek to face these situations. As for the ambivert, they show a good tolerance to the effects of this hormone but without excesses.

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