Sexuality in human beings has very different characteristics with respect to how it is manifested and experienced . Each individual develops their own sexual characteristics in a particular way, this means that it cannot be assumed that sexuality is defined by the same pattern of behaviors. However, associations can be made in terms of the similarities presented by a majority of the population.

The most recognized types of sexual orientation remain heterosexuality and homosexuality . The first of these categories bring together a greater amount of the population globally, this means that they are more widely accepted and have the same amount of information regarding their characteristics. In second place is homosexuality , despite having a greater integration into society of individuals identified with this orientation; discrimination situations continue to be observed.

There is also a third type of sexual orientation known as bisexuality. Unlike the others, in this case the presence of attraction and sexual impulses that are directed at people regardless of their gender can be identified. These individuals live a more diverse sexuality both physically and psychologically.


What is bisexuality? 

The etymological origin of the word bisexuality is found in words belonging to the ancient Latin language, exactly mention is made of three components which have particular meanings. The first of these is the prefix “bi” and is translated as “two” or “both” ; the noun “sexus” means “sex and finally the suffix” al “which is used to indicate that something is” relative “to something else.

Bisexuality is defined as a type of sexual orientation characterized by expressing physical and romantic interest in both men and women. Regardless of the biological gender of the person who identifies in this way, he will feel sexual urges by both male and female people.

Bisexual people have no restrictions on how to express their sexuality, nor do they have gender choices or preferences when trying to establish intimacy ties. Consequently, this is one of the types of sexuality that maintains a more diverse perspective when it comes to this issue.

Unlike heterosexuality and homosexuality, in this case the choice of a partner will depend entirely on a correct combination of physical and emotional aspects . It could be affirmed that for these people the search for a stable partner turns out to be more complex, in addition, it must be considered how external aspects given by social norms and personal needs can influence.

What are their characteristics? 

The main characteristic of bisexual people is to express being sexually attracted to people of both genders. For them there are no limits in relation to the masculine and feminine , both aspects of human sexuality provide them with the same degree of satisfaction. Eroticism is experienced from a broader perspective, it can be considered that the sexual practices carried out by these individuals show greater diversity.

In some cases, bisexual people may be attracted to one gender as a priority over another. The attraction for both sexes is still present, but eventually when faced with the need to choose a stable partner, they will understand that they feel a greater physical and sexual attraction for one of them.

It is important not to confuse bisexuality with pansexuality or demisexuality. Bisexuals feel sexual interest in both biological and genital gender identities, in case of experiencing the same degree of attraction for multiple gender identities then it is classified as a case of sexuality of another type.

In recent years, through various scientific investigations, the possibility that people naturally do not have sexual exclusivity has been proposed This means that the preference for any of the genders can experience different degrees of tendencies, sexual preferences can change over time; by own experiences or even by the influence of the environment.

They continue to maintain the position that sexual orientation is not determined by a hereditary or genetic factor. Sexual orientation is an unconscious choice , it responds clearly to the particular sexual needs of each individual.

Bisexuality and the modern world 

Formally within the field of medicine, the first to identify and describe this typology was Sigmund Freud. According to his theories, which also serve as support for other more contemporary ones, it is proposed that people are born bisexual . People’s sexuality is not determined by the sexual organ, it is really defined by specific needs of which only the person himself is aware.

Subsequently, it was of a topic that would attract greater attention when the Kinsey test was developed in 1948. This psychologist proposed the application of this evaluation to recognize the degree of attraction that one has within a scale of 0 (total heterosexuality) to 6 (total homosexuality). According to this proposal, receiving an intermediate rating means that the person is bisexual.

At present, bisexuality continues to be confused with homosexuality , despite being different terms, a large part of the population still considers that they are referring to the same type of sexual orientation. In the same way, erroneous beliefs continue to be maintained, which create stereotypes that generally have a negative character.

Similarly, at a statistical level, a considerable increase has been observed in the female population that has been identified as bisexual. Compared with the male population, the latter has decreased notably with a margin of difference of at least 6%. However, the prevalence of this type of sexuality is still present.

Other prejudices related to bisexuality are related to the psychological plane. Part of the scientific community and also the LGBT community itself, agree that it is possible that these individuals are having difficulties in correctly identifying their sexual orientation. The myth continues to exist that bisexuals feel confused and are experiencing a stage of experimentation .

Bisexuality is less visible compared to other sexual orientations, partly due to the little information that is provided in relation to sex education. Raising awareness of this issue is important to prevent erroneous ideas from being established at the social level, they promote the formulation of prejudices . It is still thought that bisexual people can zero homosexual individuals who are not able to recognize it, even that they are heterosexuals who are experiencing.

The rejection or attack of people identified as bisexual is called biphobia . These individuals may have their fundamental rights limited within the social framework once their orientation is made public. There are still reports of cases where physical, verbal and psychological violence against these individuals can be manifested.

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