Decidophobia: Fear of making decisions

Decidophobia Fear of making decisions



Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions , this occurs when people fear making extremely important decisions that could affect something.

People who suffer from this phobia usually tend to resort to mechanisms such as astrology, tarot or some other means that leave the results or decisions to chance, they also resort excessively to other people to decide for them or what tell you what decision to make.

People with decidophobia usually wait for someone else to make the decision and then not feel guilty if something goes wrong or the way they don’t want it to.


This phobia can be confused with a normal feeling of doubt or uncertainty, without knowing that you really suffer from it .

The main symptoms to determine that a person suffers from decidophobia are: experiencing agitation, a lot of panic at the time of decision, cold sweats, most of the time they look for someone else to make the decision for them, they rely a lot on guides or on any random item preventing them from taking a stand of their own.

This situation for anyone who suffers from said phobia can be detrimental to their health, personal relationships or work environment, since it generates insecurity in the person.


The main thing to treat this phobia is that the patient accepts that the situation is affecting his life, generating disagreement in his work, family and friends. In addition to what can be related, such as leading to other phobias such as ergophobia

After the patient accepts that he suffers from decidophobia and wants to get ahead, the best way to get rid of the phobia is to consult a specialist, who will indicate what actions should be taken to improve or completely disappear the decidophobia, this will lead to its time but with the help of the specialist and your willpower, the phobia can disappear.

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