Dermatophobia: Fear of skin diseases

Dermatophobia Fear of skin diseases

There are hundreds of well-known phobias, however, there are some that are not very common or highly mentioned in the community such as dermatophobia.


Among these strange and particular diseases we find dermatophobia, also known as ” dermatopathophobia ” or ” dermatosiophobia “, which consists of the irrational, abnormal and unjustified fear of diseases or skin lesions.


People who have this particular phobia can feel panic attacks just thinking about unnatural changes in human skin , such as: skin lesions, scabs, scratches, burns, wounds, scars, among others.

For these people it represents extreme discomfort and psychological suffering.

It is said that this pathology  can be caused by some type of trauma due to an injury, injury or disease on the skin suffered by the individual or someone close to him at a certain moment in his life ( generally in childhood ), and this somehow led to to generate a rejection or rejection of this type of situations or images; probably due to the bad times caused by that injury or illness.

There are different extremes of people who suffer from this phobia; They tend to groom themselves too frequently to avoid any skin lesions.

This type of cleaning is generally carried out with antibacterial agents and a diverse range of soaps that worsen the situation, since they reduce the skin’s own oils in quantity.



The causes that cause it we have already seen, now we can see what symptoms this unheard of psychology disease causes:

  • Feeling of anguish and uncontrollable fear.
  • Excessive sweating ( usually in the hands ).
  • Feeling of embarrassment or shame as a result of fear of rejection.
  • Irregular heartbeat.
  • Feeling of paranoia that can translate into anxiety and insomnia.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Hyperventilation
  • Pain in the skin.
  • Shaking chills.


This type of phobia does not have a specific cure or until now there has not been one to be proven, since people who suffer from this condition require specialized treatments according to their particular needs , because this type of disease comes from the mind and, Like them, the treatments for a person differ as well.

One of the recommendations for those people who have a skin disease or who are diagnosed with the disease, is generally to assist specialists who can help you reach a state of controlled tranquility .

This depends largely on the own decision of wanting to overcome it, not wanting to live conditioned or simply on the desire to reduce a little the symptoms generated by dermatophobia .

It is therefore necessary to understand that, although it is good to be careful with your skin and give it the due treatment it deserves, it is important not to acquire an obsessive attitude with the care of it.

This can have strong consequences in the future in case of using medications, ointments or creams that generate certain negative reactions in the body, causing true rare skin diseases .

It is important to remember that everything in excess is harmful, even self-care when it becomes obsessive.

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