The word disorder has its etymological origin in another word from Latin. Originally the have two mouths of Latinos who assigned different concepts, the first of them is the term “trans” which translates as “the other side”. This word according to austro or which is “tornare” which means to turn or turn. Eventually the union of both words would give rise to the word disorder that has different uses.

From a medical point of view, it is a term that designates all health disorders, although they are usually associated with mental disorders. That is to say, to all the actions and effects that consequently upset, invert, change and disturb the psychology of the affected people.

Psychological disorders usually describe some type of imbalance in the mental state , therefore it is necessary to go to specialists who can apply the required treatments through psychotherapy or other techniques. In a broader sense for medicine, disorders will always have some kind of complexity according to their origin or cause, but this does not mean that they cannot be treatable.

What is a disorder?

In psychology, the term disorder refers to all the alterations or conditions that are developed through an eventual process that occurs in the body. Specifically, it will designate the disturbances or disorders that begin to alter normal functioning at the mental level, this is identifiable to achieve important changes in behavior and mental patterns of people.

Disorders personality are the most common and affect a large part of the population. These mental conditions are characterized by the development of behaviors and thought patterns in a negative way that interfere with the adequate social performance of the individual. It is a condition that notably affects interpersonal relationships, its origins can be found in its genetic or biological aspects such as brain abnormalities.

What are its main characteristics? 

Generalized a disorders are identifiable to show aspects that are outside the margins of normality. This means that patients eventually develop particular characteristics that make them different from healthy people. Consequently, the diagnosis will be determined after having carried out psychological analyzes and also medical examinations to understand possible physiological changes.

The psychology jacket disorders are identifiable to present abnormalities in behavior or attitudes . The patients are analyzed in detail as to the changes that have occurred in their usual way of proceeding. The most common characteristics are described below:

  • The disorders make people precedent in antisocial tendencies. This supposes the development of behaviors that limit their participation in daily activities and integration.
  • There are alterations in functions such as sleep and psychomotor. This means that the performance of the person will be significantly affected to be able to carry out any activity with a poor performance .
  • There are alterations by avoidance can change or develop dependent personalities.
  • They manifest their own characteristics that border the limits of the personality , being is a condition known by the name of borderline limiting personality disorder.
  • It is common to develop different phases framed by obsessive and compulsive behaviors. 
  • Some individuals display a histrionic personality , which may differ from their normal or usual personality.
  • Periods of paranoia can be experienced consecutively, eventually they can increase in intensity.
  • Some patients may present a schizoid personality .

How are they classified?

Psychological disorders are generally classified into two broad categories. The first of them is called psychotic disorders , these are recognized from the para thus my entry of hallucinations and other alterations associated with delusions. One of the most common conditions classified within this category is schizophrenia.

On the other hand, in the category of neurotic disorders , patients condition their thoughts to move away from reality and avoid social relationships, here conditions such as anxiety and phobias can be included.

Some of the most common psychological disorders are described below , taking into consideration that there are a greater number of them. Even some diseases are only diagnosed in a small part of the world population, therefore they are little known.

Generalized anxiety disorder

This is a disorder that is also known by the acronym GAD, it encompasses all the feelings and states of tension that generate a permanent state of anxiety . As a consequence, patients experience recurrent worries that manifest themselves together with other physiological alterations.

It is considered to be a psychological problem that is categorized as chronic, which means that periods of anxiety are experienced for long periods of time. Even patients can develop concerns about non-existent events and situations .


It can be said that depression is the psychological disorder with the highest number of cases registered in the population worldwide. It will notably affect the way in which the person feels, altering their behavior, mood and thoughts .

The treatments applied for this disorder are usually psychotherapy and pharmacological treatments . However, the great variety of emotional problems that are combined with other physical problems of considerable severity must be taken into consideration. These are elements that contribute to the decline in social functioning characterized by depression.

It is characterized by presenting particular symptoms that have a long duration, this will mean that they eventually become more severe. It is characterized by feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities that were previously pleasant, decreased appetite, loss of energy and increased fatigue, feeling undervalued, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem .

Eating disorders 

Here are integrated different types of psychological disorders that alter eating habits, affect not only mental but also physical health. Some of the most common are anorexia and bulimia , but there are also others such as binge eating disorder. In the latter case, patients with a tendency to compulsively consume food in short periods of time are described.

Anorexia nervosa limiting the consumption of food causing you to eventually lose body weight . As for bulimia nervosa, people eat excessively for something to eliminate the food they have consumed from the body. This is done by practicing purgative behaviors such as induced vomiting.


There are various types of phobias that are categorized as a type of anxiety disorder. Patients manifest excessive and irrational reactions to a specific or stimulus. Beings to target uncontrollable behaviors who do not adjust to the context or situation where they are manifested.

Phobias can be considered to be a limiting condition in some cases. It has a great impact on the daily life of people because it is highly and disabling, patients describe the discomfort of living and seeming phobias that do not have a rational sense. Through treatments it is possible to reduce the intensity and control behaviors considered negative.

Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity 

Being is a condition that is traditionally associated with patients who are adolescents or children . There is still controversy regarding the age range in which this disorder usually occurs, adults are not the exception to the possibility of receiving this diagnosis.

It is a disorder characterized by behavior modification that alter attention by showing impulsive behaviors . The expropriating hyperactivity of this condition, will appear before any circumstance and environment which incapacitates the patient to integrate and carry out activities. It can be treated to improve the symptoms but eleven consider that it is not curable.

Bipolar disorder 

This disorder is classified, along with schizophrenia, as one of the most stigmatized. This will mean that it will be considered as a totally incapacitating condition to be able to integrate into society. Causing patients significant changes in mood that can be considered extreme, have a high degree of emotional sensitivity which makes them  prone to developing mania .

When these states manifest they will be experiencing symptoms such as euphoria and will go to irritability. In the same way, high tension to suffer from depression in which there are feelings of hopelessness and anhedonia . It will be considered that it is a condition that can be adequately treated by providing important expository doors of the ability to control mood states.

What causes it? 

Disorders are all psychiatric conditions that manage to modify the normal development of people in terms of their interpersonal relationships, this is done by significantly modifying the personality. Different reasons have been considered for these events to occur, in which genetic and environmental factors stand out .

The appearance of a disorder that alters the normal patterns of psychological functioning is defined by each individual. That is, there are cases that can be comparable but none is the same as another . For example, the case of bipolar disorder that will alter the mood should be considered that a depressive phase is experienced during several periods. It is also combined with manic phases characterized by euphoria, these alternate successively

Regarding eating disorders, they can be considered to be a reflection of other psychological problems. An example is the distortion of one’s own body image, being altered in visual perception when it dries up to acquire certain values ​​that begin to be considered real by the patients themselves.

Disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are also defined as a form of anxiety . Those who suffer from it begin to consume amounts of food combined with the ingestion of laxatives and innumerable physical exercise.

How the origins of a disorder can be observed can be nine and diverse. Regarding genetic factors, various studies have provided important discoveries regarding the causes of schizophrenia. It has been proven that in family groups where one of their members has already been diagnosed, the chances that another member also has the same diagnosis increases

The hereditary factor is always present in the list of possible causes of a disorder. Regarding the influence of environmental factors, the possibility that a healthy lifestyle can contribute will be considered. Being especially relevant when it comes to disorders that affect sleep or anxiety.

The current pace of life has made people seem depressed as well as stressed. The lack of affective interactions is a clear or promoter of mental conditions related to this type of deficiency. 

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