Friendship phrases are very common, but we wanted to compile some that are very interesting. Obviously, we want to review phrases with a certain psychological bias , because ultimately friendship is a way of relating to others.

5 best friendship phrases

We have chosen a total of 50 friendship phrases in this post. However, here we leave you the five that we consider representative of this theme. These are voiceovers that not only tell the truth, but also reveal something additional about being friendly. We present them below:

1.- “ And this is my commandment: that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than the one who lays down his life for his friends . ” John 15: 12-13 . Interestingly, the Bible shows that friendship is a matter of faithfulness.

2.- « Friends show their love in times of trouble «. Euripides . And it is that friends are in difficult times.

3.- ” Your friend is the man who knows everything about you, and loves you anyway .” Elbert Hubbard .

4.- « A friend loves at all times; to help in adversity the brother was born. ” Proverbs 17:17 . Again, the biblical text opens our eyes when it comes to friendship.

5.- « Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Don’t walk behind me, I may not be a guide. Just walk by my side and be my friend . » Albert Camus.

This quintet of phrases inaugurates our compilation of phrases related to this beautiful nexus that is friendship. But we have much more! We leave you below, for example, a sixth sentence so that you start the week evaluating your friends.

Friendship phrase of the week

We now put a weekly phrase , which helps us to start a seven-day journey with the clarity of knowing the value of a friend. The expression that we have chosen for this week that begins is the following:

6.- “ There are no strangers here; only friends you don’t know yet ”. William Butler Yeats.

An excellent phrase to start a week . Above all, if you have to share with people: they are potential friends for the future.

Also, we have an excellent list of motivational phrases and thank you phrases that may be of interest to you.

All our friendship phrases

Do you want to read the rest of our phrases about friendship? Well, we show them below. Some come with some comments about it. Others, we catalog them taking into account the content of these assertions.

7.- ” Friends are like taxis, when there is bad weather they are scarce.” A popular phrase, with no known author. However, it shows that one of the traits of friendship is unconditional relevance.

8.- “He who seeks a friend without defects is left without friends.” Also popular, without a known author, but which shows that we are all imperfect and that is not an obstacle to friendship.

9.- “Each friend represents a world within us, a world that perhaps would not have been born if we had not known it . ” This phrase belongs to the writer Anaïs Nin .

10.- “Keep your friend under the key of your own life” , William Shakespeare.

11.- “Laughter is not a bad start for friendship. And it is far from being a bad ending ” , Oscar Wilde .

12.- “Sweet thing is a true friend; he dives to the bottom of our heart inquiring about our needs. It saves us from having to discover them for ourselves ” ; Jean de La Fontaine.

13.- “Friendship, like the evening shadow, widens in the twilight of life”; this phrase also belongs to Jean de La Fontaine .

14.- “Friendship is, without a doubt, the best balm for the pains of disappointed love” ; Jane Austen. One of the phrases that tries to explain that difference, sometimes somewhat complex to explain, between love and friendship.

Here we want to stop and think a little about friendship. What is it? What does it consist of? In any case, in the following sentences we want to show some sentences that dissect a little more in-depth the meaning of friendship . We invite you to read them carefully:

15.- ” The bird has its nest, the spider its web, the man friendship “; William Blake. An evidence that friendship is like a refuge from adversity.

16.- ” Friendship is not something you learn in school, but if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you haven’t really learned anything .” Muhammad Ali. A phrase from a boxer, from a man who had rivals and enemies … and therefore must have also understood what friendship was.

17.- ” True friendship comes when the silence between two seems pleasant .” Erasmus of Rotterdam .

18.- ” The antidote for fifty enemies is a friend .” Aristotle. The obvious proof that a friend is worth more than any number of enemies you have. Perhaps one of the phrases that best exposes the importance of friendship!

19.- ” Friends: a family whose individuals are chosen at will .” Dalai Lama. Beautiful phrase that shows something, and that is that friendship is always chosen. Blood family is predetermined by fate, but friendship is something we choose. And the choice is mutual!

20.- “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity” ; Khalil Gibran. This phrase overlaps with the previous one (No. 19), since we choose friendship. And we are responsible for our decisions!

21.- “ Love resembles a flower; friendship is a tree that shelters us ” ; Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Peculiar difference between two forms of bonding between human beings.

Another important issue concerns this question: How to recognize a true friend? Well, for this we have the following phrases that describe true friendship. Many people surround us, many share with us. But true friendship has inescapable traits that are described below.

22.- “A true friend never gets in your way unless you have stumbled” ; Arnold H. Glasow. Many times, it is difficult to recognize a true friend and this is one way to do it.

23.- “Things are never that difficult when you have a great friend” ; Bill Watterson. And, having a real friend next to you, everything is much more bearable.

24.- ” A friend is a gift that you give yourself .” Robert Louis Stevenson.

25.- “A true friend is the one who takes your hand and touches your heart . ” Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A phrase from someone who highly valued friendship, to the point of saying that he liked being the best friend of his friends.

26.- ” The sincere friends of this world are like the lights of a ship in the most stormy nights .” Giotto di Bondone. Friends are a light, so if someone doesn’t enlighten you to move on … maybe their friendship isn’t entirely real.

27.- “One of the most beautiful things about true friendship is being able to understand and be understood . ” Seneca . Important: between true friends things are always understood. Not only the literal part of the words, but also the little details and the understood ones.

28.- “The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” Thoreau . This phrase is perfectly linked to the previous one (No. 27).

29.- “A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother . ” Demetrio de Falero. As stated before, a friend is something you choose. Friends and family are designated by fate without consulting us.

30.- “Friendship doubles joys and divides anguish in half . ” Sir Francis Bacon.

31.- “ He is my dearest friend and the cruelest of my rivals, my confidant and the one who betrays me, the one who supports me and the one who depends on me; and the scariest of all: he is my equal ”. Gregg Levoy . Perhaps, one of the phrases that most reveals the integrity of facets of what we call friendship.

We stop to remind our readers that we also have phrases of improvement and phrases of love . However, the theme of friendship is the one that concerns us in these paragraphs. For this reason, we show the rest of the phrases that we have collected regarding friendship matters.

32.- “It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them . ” Confucius .

33.- It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship that generates unhappy marriages . Friedrich Nietzsche.

34.- “True friendship is like phosphorescence, it shines better when everything has gone dark . ” Here we have an anonymous phrase about friendship , but that does not stop giving us shocking content.

35.- “Not even the greatest of successes can be compared to the happiness of having a good friend.” Psychologist Juan Armando Corbin.

36.- ” True friends have to get angry from time to time .” Louis Pasteur. Such anger is a way to test the true mettle of a friendship.

37.- “The true friend is the one who is by your side when they would rather be elsewhere . ” Len Wein . And what can we gather from this sentence? Well, true friendship also implies a level of commitment.

38.- ” Friends are those strange beings who ask us how we are and wait to hear the answer .” Ed Cunningham. The rest of the people ask us this question out of mere commitment. Only friends do it out of true interest to us.

39.- “The bad thing about a friend is that he tells us unpleasant things to our faces; the enemy says them behind our backs and since we don’t find out, nothing happens ” . Alfred de Musset. And it is that authentic friends are honest. Sometimes this honesty borders on irony and harshly. But who better to tell us things than real friends!

40.- “Friends are like blood, when you are injured they come without being called”. Another anonymous phrase about friendship . It shows us that friends are there when they are needed, without the need to call or wait for them.

41.- “If there is something that I have learned, it is that mercy is more intelligent than hatred, that mercy is even preferable to justice itself, that if one goes around the world with a friendly look, one makes good friends . ” Philip Gibbs. Friendship attracts friendship, that’s how simple things are in the world.

42.- “Friendship cannot go very far when neither are willing to forgive small defects.” Jean de la Bruyere. A very accurate phrase. Let’s not forget that nobody is perfect in this world. So between friends defects are forgiven, and are even necessary to maintain the friendly bond.

43.- “The loyal friend laughs at your jokes, even if they are not so good, and feels sorry for your problems even if they are not so serious . ” Arnold H. Glasow.

44.- ” A father is a treasure, a brother is a consolation: a friend is both.” Benjamin Franklin. And with this we see similarities between friendship and family relationships, which are perhaps the best similarity that can be established to understand this issue baptized as friendship.

45.- “The friend has to be like money, that before needing it, one knows its value . ” Socrates. A somewhat lapidary phrase, but that we cannot ignore. We all need to know, before an emergency, the true value of friends.

46.- ” One of the joys of friendship is knowing who to trust . ” Alessandro manzoni

Before finishing, do not forget that friendship is experienced. You cannot have friends in the abstract. Neither are “imaginary friends” valid. Friendship arises from interaction and experience. People who meet, share and have things to remember over time.

47.- ” If you want to form a judgment about a man, observe who his friends are .” Fénelon . Very true phrase. We just surround ourselves with people who are fully in tune with ourselves. A person is the mirror of the friends he possesses. Never forget it!

48.- “Some believe that to be friends it is enough to love, as if to be healthy it was enough to wish for health” . Aristotle. Interesting phrase. Just as you have to take care of your health, you have to take care of your friends.

49.- “What makes friends indissoluble and doubles their charm, is a feeling that love lacks, certainty . ” Honoré de Balzac. This famous French writer hits the spot. Love seems that it can always be extinguished: the false myth of the eternal love of the West. Furthermore, friendship is not based on the intention of intimacy or sexual desire. It is the purest desire to be comfortable and share with another person … without double intentions.

50.- “Friendships are like marriages: out of ten, one is made for love . ” Edmundo de Ámicis. We want to close with this phrase, which gives us something new. The idea that friendship can become love. And this love is not necessarily born of the conjugal union. Something to take into account!

These 50 friendship phrases will be very useful for your future. You will know how to value that great treasure called friend. Likewise, you will have the possibility to recognize a friend. Also, we have compiled a list of thank you phrases that may be of interest to you.

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