These good morning phrases allow you to start a day in the best way. We must inaugurate the day with words that give us light, not with the shadows of negativity. Also, communicate with others. We are not isolated beings, we are gregarious, communal beings.

The 5 best good morning phrases

This list covers a total of thirty phrases . However, we want to start with a quintet of opening phrases. We want our readers to review them, so that they feel that motivation that leads us to say good morning to acquaintances and people in our daily lives.

1.- Have a good morning! The sun rises, opens in the sky, and our eyes open too. We are going to see the world as the sun does: making it reborn every morning.

2.- Today dawns rainy, we are going to thank for the rain. And if the sun rises tomorrow, we will give thanks for the sun. You have to be grateful for the days, no matter what they are! The important thing is that it dawns!

3.- When you get up in the morning, you have to give thanks for the light, for your life, for your health or the energy to cope with an illness. Give thanks for your breakfast and for the joy of living. If you have no reason to say thank you, the fault is yours.

4.- Do you want to have a good day? So the first thing is to say thank you for the sunrise. That is the first brick to raise the building of a happy day.

5.- Be grateful for each new day: it is a new opportunity, a chapter that is opening. The night closes the chapter of the previous day and the dawn puts in your hands a blank page. You can write it forgetting or amending the past!

We also invite you to read our compendium of phrases of success and our phrases of phrases of Valentine’s Day . They are expressions that must be said at a certain moment … in the same way that, at dawn, it is necessary to express the will to have a good morning. Do it!

Good morning phrase for the week

Are you reading this text on a Monday? It is perfect! There is nothing better than starting the weekly cycle by saying a good morning phrase . Keep in mind Mondays are the beginning of new ventures, as well as the renewal of weekly routines.

6.- Every day is a page, a stanza, a new word. Every day is like a new play. When the sun rises, the curtain rises. The only difference is that there is no script: we have to invent our story on each new day.

How can we understand the previous sentence? Well, this new day (a Monday, the first calendar of the week) is the opportunity to start over. Likewise, to renew daily activities in a new way. Every new cycle is an opportunity!

All our good morning phrases

We continue, then, with our list of 50 good morning phrases . Most are anonymous, although we also count some that have their authors. After all, the act of giving thanks is something that is expressed in various settings.

7.- Good morning! I want to say good morning to you, because I really want you to have an excellent day. Your happiness fills me. Your good morning is a mirror, they fill me up and comfort me. That is why I repeat: Good morning!

8.- Did you know that it was already dawn? Open the curtains and let the new light wash over you. It is like being born: every day we are born. Seeing the sunlight at dawn should be a sensation similar to that of a newborn coming out of its mother’s womb.

9.- Another day. Another sun. Another face. Another smile. Another look and other hopes. That is the good thing about each new day. Everything is renewed. It’s your decision: you can take something back from the past or leave it behind. Let your heart decide as the sun rises.

10.- Have an excellent day. And, above all, make it a day that you never forget. And I don’t mean those memorable moments. Actually, I want you to learn something new today. Something that is cultivated in your heart and whose seed is sown in this new day.

What can we deduce from the sentences reviewed so far? Well, the dawn and the awakening seem to carry a certain symbolic charge . Without a doubt, it is something that has a certain symbolic connotation that we cannot awaken … but we continue with our phrases …

Now, we want to highlight several good phrases with their authors . The variety of authors is striking: military, emperors, religious leaders, writers and a long list of personalities who leave us phrases of this type.

11.- ” When you get up in the morning, think about the precious privilege of being alive, breathing, thinking, enjoying, loving .” Marcus Aurelius .

12.- “ Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most ”. Buddha .

13.- “ Today is a new day. Even if you did it wrong yesterday, today you can do it well . Dwight Howard .

14.- “ My formula for life is very simple. I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. In between I take care of myself as best I can ” . Cary Grant .

15.- “ Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I promise to live fully in every moment ”. Thich Nhat Hanh .

16.- ” The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” Paul Valery .

17.- ” If it is good to live, it is still better to dream, and best of all, to wake up .” Antonio Machado .

18.- ” Start your day with a smile and you will see how much fun it is out there, out of tune with everyone .” Mafalda .

19.- ” The day will happen whether you get up or not .” John Ciardi .

This last sentence (No. 19) is quite revealing. The day is for everyone, it is up to you to take advantage of it or not. Without a doubt, it is a good reflection that should go through our minds every morning . That will give us reasons to wake up, get up and move on.

2.- When you wake up, you must think that a new chance opens up for you. And that opportunity should be seized with joy. If you start the day in a bad mood, you already start a bad chain of circumstances. Therefore, wake up with a smile and saying good morning.

  1. What is happiness? Happiness is waking up every day, knowing that the world is restarting again and you are in that restart. To die is to never see a sunrise again.

22.- The day is not a burden. A sunrise is a gift that the world gives you … but that you also give yourself. Start your day with a smile: that smile is for you, to recharge you with positive energy.

23.- The day is you: if you don’t wake up, if you don’t thank the sun, you’re going to lose a day. It’s not okay for you to lose that day of your own free will. Take care of your days, give them to yourself, do not deny them. Good Morning!

24.- Wake up and accompany me to live this day. Your day and my day can be combined, but for that we must both be grateful for this sunrise. We cannot be the same person if we are upset or bitter. Let’s start over. It all starts with: good morning!

25.- Every sunrise is a spell. A magical phrase made with sunlight and the song of birds. A phrase to be reborn: “get up, open your eyes, you are life, you are human.” Thank you for that magic strawberry. That spell every morning invokes us to live again.

And we are already entering our last good morning phrases . It is not intended for readers to memorize and repeat them. Actually, we want to make it clear how important it is to start the day with positive energy.

26.- Good morning! It is not a simple protocol phrase. It is a wish of will. If your day is happy, mine will be too. It is an invocation that we all have positive energy. We are going to wish each other good morning. We will not regret it!

27.- If your dream was heavy, when you wake up you can forget it. If, instead, it was a good one, you can keep it in your memory. That’s the good thing about waking up and sunrise. You decide how things are going forward.

28.- Awakening is not a simple biological act. In reality, it is psychologically and emotionally charged. However, the best thing is that it gives us the opportunity to start over.

29.- Remember that you must say hello every morning. Do it like you’ve never seen anyone before. Why? Well, because we all change at every dawn. We are not the same as the day before. So you should say hello to those new people. And remember: you have changed too, you are another person.

30.- Do not think that every morning everything changes. Something remains of yesterday. The advantage is that you decide what to do with what has remained in the memory.

We also have an excellent compilation of phrases from famous books . How certain that saying good morning allows us to ingratiate ourselves with ourselves and our context . That is why we must!

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