Certain natural chemicals are constantly circulating in our bodies. They intervene in processes as important as metabolism and even promote a positive state of mind. Its effects can be observed on a daily basis when we observe that we are able to perform certain activities showing motivation and energy.

There are several types of these substances which are capable of regulating each of the bodily functions. Among them, the neurotransmitters which are associated with the central nervous system stand out, but mention should also be made of the hormones which originate in the glands. The former depend on neurons to send and receive electrical impulses that must reach the brain and nerves.

Hormones constantly travel through the bloodstream. They have multiple specific effects which can be felt in every organ, tissue and cell. But to make a group of them more specific, they have been called the happiness hormones, this is because they have direct effects on emotional regulation .

What are the hormones of happiness?

The hormones of happiness is a term used to refer to a group of substances whose effects are associated with good humor . That is, the hormones that are capable of generating a more positive and pleasant mood. They intervene in various chemical processes that occur within the brain organ, they are responsible for activating or enhancing those sensations that we consider pleasant, such as happiness and well-being.

Certain types of natural activities and processes are responsible for the body’s naturally producing these hormones . However, in some organisms there are difficulties, which is why people themselves recent in the effects of the deficiency of any of these hormones. Consequently, it requires activation through the brain by means of drugs and other resources. This will stimulate and make endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and melatonin work for example.

What are the hormones of happiness?

So far a total of 6 types of hormones have been identified that can be grouped in this classification. Each of them has a different effect on the body and generating a particular mood. Each of them is described below:

Serotonin is the wellness hormone 

It is responsible for regulating sensations of pleasure such as those experienced during sexual intercourse. It is also susceptible to the effects of natural light, so it is advisable to have contact with it to increase its release. For example, during the spring and summer period there is usually a considerable increase in this hormone.

One of its functions is the regulation of sleep and its cycles . It also intervenes in appetite, prompting food intake to be increased or decreased. This substance originates in the organs of the digestive system, it is responsible for us feeling hungry or in extreme moods. As a curious fact, it can even make you feel sad through localized sensations in the stomach, affect appetite and nerves, which is associated with depressive states.

Serotonin is the hormone of happiness

When the levels of this hormone drop considerably, it is associated with depressive moods. It is usually recommended to have contact with sunlight to facilitate the release of this hormone, for this it was used several minutes a day in combination with the practice of physical exercise in the open air. It tends to be segregated when people manage to fulfill their projects, desires or needs; it is associated with more balanced psychological emotional states. 

Endorphins are the hormones of happiness

These hormones help to better manage pain and other physical discomforts. It promotes a state of calm that in turn is associated with emotional well-being, it also has an anti-aging effect because it improves the immune system.

To increase the secretion of this hormone, the practice of outdoor sports is usually recommended. Any stimulant is one that is associated with a very dynamic physical activity . For example, it has an important participation in the process of reproduction and in sexual relations.

Dopamine is the satisfaction hormone

This substance works on the pleasure centers of the brain . This means that it is responsible for achieving pleasant sensations, it also ensures that we motivate ourselves to carry out certain activities favoring attention and memory. Therefore, it is important that people perform physical exercise as well as practice meditation, activities of this type facilitate the release of this hormone.

Oxytocin is the hormone of love

It ensures that other chemicals are secreted when there is physical contact through caresses and hugs. In the same way, increase their liberation when we are close to people for whom we feel a special affection. Due to these peculiarities it has been called by the name of the love hormone. It provides the ability to improve social ties by strengthening them, this is because it promotes empathy, trust and a calmer emotional state.

Epinephrine is the hormone of action

It is popularly known by the name of adrenaline, it is responsible for an increase in heart rate. In this way, when the blood pressure of the blood increases, this same substance is sent to the muscles and to different areas as a means of survival in times of stress. Therefore, it is normal for people to feel a considerable increase in energy , vitality, good humor and also a feeling of wanting to be more active.

Importance of happiness hormones

The importance of this group of hormones is that psychological well-being depends on them. Maintaining the appropriate levels of each of them will help to produce pleasant, positive and even happy sensations. It is very important to promote all these emotions and sensations so that people can improve their quality of life.

According to the results of various studies conducted by endocrinologists, the human brain is capable of producing these hormones naturally. However, it has been observed that due to the current lifestyle associated with unhealthy practices applied to eating, stress and decreased physical mobility; all these elements contribute to an imbalance in hormonal levels .

It is also associated with emotional relief and physical pain. Not only people can better manage any type of physical ailment that is considerably painful. Even these hormones are capable of positive stimulation that increases self-esteem and productivity. 

They have a direct connection with the ability to memorize, motivate and perform various daily activities. This is because hormones are responsible for sending signals to the brain that influence moods.

How to activate and stimulate the hormones of happiness?

This group of hormones are present in the body’s system naturally, however, for various reasons the levels can be affected; causing a considerable decrease. That is, in some individuals deficiencies are observed in some of these hormones in particular. For this, it has been possible to identify different types of practices that favor their stimulation and activation. Adding these practices and techniques to your long-term daily life will help you maintain stable levels of these substances.

Mention is generally made of constant physical activity through sports and exercise . By keeping the body active by performing any type of activity that is very dynamic, it is guaranteed that they are activated and also there is stability in their production process. It should also be combined with other practices such as yoga or meditation, both contribute to a calmer state of mind.

Daily routines such as listening to music, laughing, reading, dancing, or talking ; all of them make it easier for the brain to practice memory and attention. This also promotes the generation of these hormones causing a feeling of well-being and happiness. It is also important that people prioritize having emotional ties, as well as giving and receiving hugs or caresses. Human contact has always allowed us to maintain better physical and psychological health.

Likewise, mention should be made of the diet, which should be as healthy and varied as possible. It is essential to maintain good nutrition because in this way the body will be in full capacity to produce these substances. Avoid excessive consumption of sugar, coffee, fat, salt, alcohol and foods with preservatives and other chemicals.

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