How do I know if my boss likes me?

In the workplace it is common for different types of relationships to develop between workers. In each group you can identify friends and even romantic partners , who began their relationship from the interactions generated by the activities carried out there. It can even be seen that communication between bosses and subordinates can eventually lead to the establishment of a closer relationship, on a personal level.

It is not the best scenario for a relationship to develop due to the implications and repercussions that this entails . The work environment, regardless of the type of work being done. Professionalism and the fulfillment of common goals should always be a priority. This means that any aspect of a personal nature should be left in the background.

However, it is normal that when carrying out productive tasks, each one of them carries a particular and collective responsibility that unites people. Precisely during this union and understanding, it can be the generator of the deepest feelings and emotions . In any case, it is not a secret for anyone to know that friendship and love can be found equally within work environments.

How is communication in professional relationships? 

Relationships between coworkers can also connect to aspects of each other’s family and social life. In the long term, a complex personal structure begins to be built in which different people converge, some of them will have a more relevant significance or importance than others.

Perhaps the most interesting of these relationships are those that arise between bosses and employees. In equal parts there are the same possibilities to establish a deep friendship or instead a deep and sincere romantic feeling. How it can be observed is a subject in which multiple factors interfere, which in turn can cause important changes in relationships.

The most complicated thing about this issue lies precisely in how to identify a person’s intentions. The workplace is usually the ideal setting for problems related to sexual harassment and workplace harassment to arise . Unfortunately, confusion of this type can arise, statistics show that there is still a constant in reported cases of abuse. But this does not mean that it is not possible for a person to show sincere affection and concern.

How do I know if my boss likes me? In most cases, it depends on the type of communication and the proximity. That is, to avoid misinterpretations, attention should be paid to the actions and decisions that each one shows with respect to others. The interpretation of the signals is subjective and also according to current social standards.

On the other hand, the particular case of relationships where a boss can take advantage of his business or social position must also be taken into account . In these specific cases, unseemly people occupy lower positions within the group’s hierarchy are performed. Unfortunately, these are very common situations that are rarely made public, only until the victim herself decides to make the corresponding complaints.

How does communication between bosses and employees work? 

In different work environments, the scenarios described above may occur. It can only be considered negative if the harasser’s behavior is uncomfortable for the victim. It can only be a positive situation if both parties show interest. Likewise, any establishment of a formal or informal relationship is usually built from interactions where their affinity is evident.

Co-workers can also fall in love at the office , in fact it is a very common situation. Considering that in working hours of 8 hours a day for five days a week, in total an average of forty hours a week is spent in timeshare. Eventually within this environment people begin to get to know each other better, in some cases interest, mutual support and even affection also develop.

In some companies it is totally prohibited that co-workers do not exceed friendship, however this may be unavoidable. It can be a taboo subject due to the multiple implications that a sentimental situation generates and its repercussions on the professional level . That is why it is very important to pay attention to the signals to avoid confusion that may create communication limitations within the work team.

If it is clearly evident that the feeling is mutual, then there is no problem. If this is the case, it is invited to investigate the prohibitions and regulatory terms of each organization. This will prevent both parties from putting their continuity in their job at risk.

It is very important to note that any inappropriate behavior can be classified as a type of abuse. Situations like these in which a subordinate and a superior are involved should be thoroughly analyzed. Each situation is different and situations such as intimidation, discrimination and psychological abuse can occur when they do not develop in a natural and positive way.

Ideally, nothing interferes with good working relationships and limits are maintained. However, if you suspect that your boss likes you and you reciprocate, there are signs that may help guide you.

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  1. The meetings that your boss calls end up being between two. After dealing with labor issues, questions of personal interest arise and the conversation becomes more enjoyable.
  2. Aware of how delicate it is to enter into an open flirtation, you will have to pay attention to the details, such as the use of language, the attention you pay and the way you look at her.
  3. In the sports activities carried out by the company, it tries to protect their physical integrity.
  4. It may happen that your salary is favored by a promotion, without a previous interview, and do not take into account if you are ever late.
  5. In general, he will show a preference for his abilities and skills and will implement activities where he can excel, making better use of his abilities.
  6. In his free hours, he usually asks if he likes to have a drink in the nearest cafeteria or always includes him in his closest social group.
  7. He never forgets his birthday. Although by company policy all employees are congratulated, try to make their birthday special.
  8. Get him to learn about management to promote his promotion in an area closer to his office.
  9. Confidence manifests itself in multiple ways. If your boss tells you about your personal affairs and gives you the opportunity to make decisions within the company, it may just be because you are in a bad personal moment or are trying you for a promotion; but it can also be because he wants you to notice him.
  10. An invitation to the end of the year meeting is normal, but if your boss is interested in accompanying you to buy something, invites you somewhere or to talk outside the company, these are signs that he does not see you as just another employee.
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