How do I know if my teacher likes me?

The relationship between teachers and students has always been a sensitive issue , especially in those cases in which minors are involved. It is important to establish the differences that exist between classrooms in primary, secondary and university level. Students face emotional and physical changes that greatly affect their interaction with their peers and teachers.

In this way, individuals who are sensitive to any element present in the environment are obtained as a result. That is why you must pay close attention to how they interact with people of the same age and especially with adults. It is an issue that for many represents a taboo due to the legal, social and psychological implications, they could be negatively affected in the long term.

A romantic relationship between a male or female student with their respective teacher can at first be seen as something negative. This is especially striking in those cases where there is a significant generation gap that separates them. It is not only about an issue but also about emotional maturity and sexual health .

The relationships between students and teachers at different educational stages? 

In child and adolescent psychology what is prohibited represents an exciting factor to explore. But it is not only a psychological issue, but also sexual development and hormonal influence. During this stage it is normal that thoughts and sensations that are associated with sexuality and the exploration of love begin to be experienced.

It could be said that this is a stage of confusion because there is no certainty about one’s own gender identity of sexuality . In addition, there are many who consider that for this reason they should be treated as fragile individuals who can succumb to the desires and needs of others who may abuse them.

In those cases where both the teacher and the student are people of legal age , it will not exist in it due to the great development of the couple relationship. But other issues should be raised that could affect the permanence of both in their respective positions in the institution where they met. Perhaps the most sensible thing is to establish limits so that they do not influence the academic performance of the student and the development of the teacher’s work.

During the university stage this issue can be seen as something more usual and less serious, however there is still a hierarchical relationship where the student is at a clear disadvantage. There are still cases that mostly demonstrate how people who exercise the role of teachers abuse their power to achieve specific sexual objectives.

It is not bad to fall in love with another person , however the preexisting relationship between the two can establish limits on what will happen in the future. Developing feelings for another person is inherent in human nature, but in the case of young people it is common for there to be confusion due to the influence of hormones and lack of experience.

In addition, in some cases it may be the idealization of teachers and other figures of power . As a consequence, young people will have difficulties to realize the defects and that those factors that attract them can be oversized. Really explaining what true love is about involves equally affecting the virtues despite the shortcomings and defects, as well as knowing the person well.

In most cases it is a physical attraction based only on physical appearance. This is especially relevant in those cases where teachers still maintain a youthful appearance that hardly matches their real age. Also when you show zero approachable and friendly people to your students, it is very likely that you really feel appreciation and esteem for such attention, mistaking yourself for something else.

When something is impossible or unattainable, it is desired even more and it is very likely that it will become an obsession . Sometimes what was initially interpreted as a crush was actually a passing emotion that provided some satisfaction. At the social level, it becomes a challenge that implies a difficulty that entails a greater desire to do so, when managing to overcome the impediments and manage to establish a couple relationship, interest is likely to decrease.

This must be a situation analyzed rationally and with caution, it is not only an aspect of an emotional nature. Likewise, the participation of parents or representatives, as well as other people who may be involved in these cases, such as the academic community, must be allowed to clarify any restrictive aspect of said relationship.

What are the signs of interest? 

In both the world of work and education, love can arise between its individuals. It is perhaps not ethically the most appropriate place , but if it occurs between people of legal age, the matter becomes something personal.

Loving is not a crime , on the contrary, it is the most powerful positive feeling in the world. There are millions of happy stories of families that started from the loving union between a teacher and his student, particularly in the university environment.

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  1. Your teacher has an excellent opinion of you, so he will not hesitate to highlight your qualities.
  2. The treatment can become special, especially when you ask him a question or intervene in the topics he dictates.
  3. Physical closeness without being obvious can be another important sign. They may ask you to turn off your computer equipment or ask for the pen at the last minute.
  4. In these times of diversified communication, it is likely that the teacher will look for you on social networks and invite you to be your friend.
  5. Based on the previous tips, your teacher will be evident by showing interest in seeing your photos and giving a “like”.
  6. He does not hesitate to answer your questions in class. Even if you have to stop and return to topics already taught, you will take the time to do so.
  7. In general, it is very difficult for the teacher to notice the mood of his students, unless it is very evident. If you notice that there is a change in your mood, it will be noted immediately or as soon as possible.
  8. Perhaps your teacher will ask you questions that are beyond the context of academia. Questions like: How does it feel? Or when is your birthday?
  9. A more difficult behavior to detect is the change in your teacher’s expressiveness when approaching you. He may be nervous, but he can cover it up.
  10. He invites you to stay after class to talk about a topic of interest.
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