Nosophobia: Fear of contracting diseases

Nosophobia Fear of contracting diseases



In a world full of adversities and things that can affect us, either physically or mentally, it is normal for us to be afraid, in this case we speak of the fear of contracting diseases or pathologies.

It is quite common to worry about physical health, because on a daily basis there are many things that can penetrate our defenses, the problem comes when these worries begin to turn into fear , an irrational fear that gets out of control.


Patients with nosophobia are often confused with those who are hypochondriacs , but there is a clear difference between these 2 types and that is that those who suffer from nosophobia, as the name implies, are afraid of being infected with a disease while those who suffer from hypochondria say who already have a disease and try to justify the symptoms in their daily life.

This fear of getting sick, like most, can arise after a traumatic event, such as the death of a family member due to a terminal illness or that the person himself has suffered from an illness that has made him suffer and therefore is afraid of that it happened again.


This disorder is difficult to identify, since by the very nature of it, those who suffer from it tend to avoid all kinds of medical centers , places with many people, areas that may seem prominent to be infectious even in the least.

In addition, as these people usually have lifestyles molded to their phobia, that is, full of paranoia, anxiety and stress due to the constant fear of being infected by some pathology, they are often mistakenly classified as crazy people, making their identification and subsequent more difficult. treatment.

These people tend to succumb very easily to the panic of suffering a disease , so symptoms such as panic, fear, tachycardia, dizziness, breathing difficulties, nausea, among others, are usually quite common.

As mentioned before, people who suffer from this disorder usually avoid any kind of medical complex, from offices to clinics, it can even go to the extreme that the fear is so irrational that they avoid having direct physical contact with other people for fear of be infected.

Fear includes all sorts of illnesses, from a simple cold to terminal illness, so they often have a long list of things to worry about .


The first step in overcoming nosophobia is for the person to accept with certainty what they are suffering and go to a doctor who is trained to treat it.

Once he is under treatment, the person in charge of this will be the one who gives the person the necessary tools , one of the most effective methods is cognitive behavioral therapy, with which the patient can directly face their fears, but having at hand the tools that the person who is in charge of carrying out the treatment considers necessary for the patient to overcome their fears in a positive way.

At the same time, it is also very important for the person to understand that not just any pain or discomfort will lead to a fatal disease, which can simply be due to other symptoms, such as indigestion, heat stroke, among many others.

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