Odontophobia: Fear of the dentist

The odontophobia  is fear or grave fear of going to the dentist query to perform a procedure or dental checkup. 

The vast majority of people do not like visiting the dentist, but those who suffer from this type of phobia simply do not go to the appointment or avoid doing so at all costs, except when the problem is already serious.


According to the World Health Organization, this type of disorder is suffered by 15% of the population.

It is the third leading cause of phobia in the world.

Like almost all phobias, odontophobia is caused by bad experiences in the past , either direct or from stories from people you know.

They are generally situations that occur when we are children and memory remains marked until adulthood.


The symptoms that people with this condition present range from shaky hands with exaggerated sweating, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, to stomach pain.

Knowing that you have to go to the dentist, the person will feel that fear increases as the date of the appointment approaches, and may even cause panic attacks .

Subjects who suffer from this disorder report that they become paralyzed to the point of preferring pain and discomfort in their mouth, rather than going to solve the problem that causes it, even leaving the office due to the panic they may feel.



Oral health is as important as the health of the rest of the body.

Therefore, it is important to seek to solve this disorder in time and not wait for the problem that the person presents is serious or irreparable.

A temporary option, when the patient requires urgent oral care and there is no time to think about medium or long-term treatments, is to try sedation.

They can even be mild sedatives to help you relax and lower levels of distress and anxiety .

Now, to try to definitively overcome this terrible fear, it is preferable not to wait for the person to need an emergency visit to the dentist, but rather to go little by little and with time attacking the root of the problem.

For this reason, it is advisable to go to the consultation for routine check-ups where they will only check the mouth , without performing any procedure.

Find a professional with whom you feel comfortable and discuss your fears with him beforehand.

The day before your appointment, relax and arrive early to avoid further stress .

When you are in the waiting room, think about positive things.

Children must be approached to the dentist from a very young age through games and without anxiety .

Thus, they will see that this experience does not have to be painful or distressing.

If with all these tips the person feels that he is not able to go to his appointment with the dentist, then he should seek professional help.

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