The word development refers to a gradual change, with a tendency to improve in certain aspects. It can be used in various areas or subjects such as in the economic or biological field. It is understood that a series of characteristics can be identified that together help define progress .

It is when people experience a transformation whether it is physical, social, economic, intellectual or emotional. In any of these cases, qualities that were not present before will be highlighted. In addition, certain influences that have promulgated this evolution must be taken into account.

From the point of view of psychology , personal development involves various changes that are intended to generate mutations that are positive Stages and states are overcome, in which specific objectives are met on the emotional, affective and social level.

In the same way, this is a term that is related to an achievement of ideas or concepts, these are directly related to a specific topic. A series of facts or characteristics can be identified, which together make it possible to observe a coherent continuity.

What is personal development? 

Personal development is defined as a state that shows a clear increase in affective and emotional capacities . Each person eventually begins to acquire knowledge that they did not previously possess.

It is then when an improvement in personal development is observed, which in turn will positively affect intrapersonal, work and academic spheres . Above all, the main aspect to consider is how a change in discipline is observed on the affective plane.

For psychology, personal development involves experimenting and accomplishing various processes . These will result in an improvement in the emotional state, which also affects other daily aspects; this is the case with social relationships.

For a development of this type to be carried out, the individual must establish objectives or goals that are precise. For this, new attitudes and ideas are adopted, together these changes will force the person to face situations that they previously avoided. New knowledge and skills are acquired during this process , it could be said that there is a tendency to improve the quality of life at a generalized level.

It also affects emotional and mental development , one’s own affective and cognitive abilities will change dramatically. New moral and social values will be adopted , with this the individual will have a better development at the social level applicable to each stage of their growth.

During this development, character and temperament will be formed , therefore, an identity of its own is defined that will remain constant throughout life.

Finally, it is important to mention social development. In this area, personal development promotes an improvement in the quality of life and integration into society . The application of knowledge and potential is encouraged, which in turn allows the establishment of healthier relationships.

What are the characteristics of this process / evolution? 

The process of personal development presents a series of characteristics in which self-knowledge is involved. This means that it is only possible to produce a true and positive change when you start from a reality; For this reason, the situation must be analyzed and tried to be objective. Thus it is possible to notice an improvement in self-esteem , this will have a direct effect on other aspects.

Personal development is about finding an improvement in the quality of life. It is aspired to achieve a specific objective and therefore individual actions must be defined that allow access to this task. There are several characteristics that this process has, but also its effects on personal and family well-being are important. Its influence in the social, academic and labor aspects should also be considered.

The characteristics of personal development are described below. Not only personal elements are taken into account , but certain external aspects that can be part of this process are also considered. These are the most important features:

  • A transformation is identified, a series of actions can be observed that actively and consecutively allow the achievement of an objective.
  • The result is the triumph or success in a certain objective. That is to say, the results have an important participation in the improvement of the quality of life of the individual. This is a transcendental and very important aspect, because the person begins to feel more capable and will show more self-confidence.
  • Values are a characteristic of personal development. A person can be honest and integral, and therefore will behave in a manner consistent with these values. These are aspects that will be a reflection of themselves and will be identifiable in the way they behave before others.
  • Humility is also another characteristic that is also considered to be a virtue. It can be learned, but above all, it is important to put it into practice in different contexts. Considering your own limitations, you can recognize the real value of a person.
  • Optimism is a fundamental element for personal development. This can be transferred to different scenarios of a person’s daily life, it implies maintaining a firm position and also showing faith in the possibility of experiencing positive changes. The important thing is that this is an attitude that can influence others.
  • Consistency implies maintaining persistence, which is essential to be able to meet any set objective. This is a quality that is applicable to any aspect of life, those who maintain this position could achieve any of their goals.
  • Commitment means a demand that is maintained despite a difficulty or limitation. It is considered that it is possible to succumb to failure, but it is equally possible to experience success because the odds are the same. Committed people are able to establish closer ties with those who are working as a team.
  • It is important to maintain an adequate organization , this applies not only in the personal sphere; but also in the work or academic. This is a fundamental aspect to consider when it comes to planning projects together with other people.
  • It is also characterized by showing initiative when making important decisions. Adequate personal development allows you to acquire skills to start projects and also promote any action that is proposed. This is a position that will always be helpful when trying to fulfill personal projects.
  • Leadership helps to develop other qualities that are incorporated into it, because the ability to make decisions is facilitated. Likewise, it is helpful when it comes to achieving the trust of other people, its complexity lies in identifying the objectives and maintaining efficient management.
  • Improvement in interpersonal relationships is also an indicator of an improvement in communication skills . In other words, there is an open attitude to the possibility of having a closer and more flexible interaction, both on a personal and professional level.

What is its importance?

The importance of personal development lies in the fact that you must go through an experience that represents a great step towards maturity . During this process you learn from mistakes and their different consequences. In addition, the person begins to have a thinking that is more critical and focuses on learning.

It is also important to mention self-reflection, this is a position that is favorable when conducting a deeper analysis of one’s own abilities. Thus, you begin to ask questions that challenge your own beliefs, as a result you have a thought that is more realistic and objective. 

Proper personal development will allow negative thoughts, which distort cognitive abilities, to be limited. These irrational thoughts do not allow us to have a perception of reality, therefore there is also a learning of skills that allow us to detect and neutralize these thoughts. 

Tips to start with personal development 

There are a number of tips, strategies, and techniques ; that allow to guarantee an adequate personal development. The elements and aspects that are most important for experimentation are described, it must be taken into account how they influence each other in order to achieve the expected results. These are:

1 Knowing yourself is a very important aspect for personal development 

From the first Greek philosophers to the most contemporary, they have agreed to affirm that one of the best qualities of people who manage to overcome any situation that comes their way; it is precisely understanding who they really are .

Being fully aware of yourself turns out to be essential when identifying both strengths and weaknesses. When you pay adequate attention to both elements, you can also have a more complete understanding of your moods and your own personality . This is an important strategy to use to gain control over feelings and emotions .

2 Be responsible for your own decisions and their consequences 

One strategy for personal growth is to maintain a willingness to take responsibility for your every decision and action . The lack of responsibility implies that there has not been a favorable evolution in character, and in the learning of values ​​such as ethics .

3 Planning a project or plan for the future

It is important to set goals because this is how a series of actions are carried out that are favorable for personal development. This is a technique that is essential because it allows you to analyze your own abilities. In addition, it implies setting specific goals , this involves maintaining relationships with other people who can be of help during the process. The trick is to take small steps consistently and consecutively.

4 You must leave the comfort zone 

It is important to start getting involved in activities and routines that are not usually in your own interest. The objective is to be able to face situations that generally generate stress and are associated with some type of risk. In the long term, you would be acquiring skills for proper anxiety control and increasing self-esteem .

5 Avoid continuing to practice the same bad habits 

Sometimes what prevents you from advancing and maturing favorably is the practice of certain habits. These are elements that do not provide benefits, for this reason other behaviors must be established that, on the other hand, would provide timely results.

Certain personality characteristics must be modified , but on certain occasions it takes willpower to achieve these changes. Some people can be very sensitive to the influence of others or circumstances, this could make it difficult to achieve this goal.

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