With these 25 phrases for siblings we have a reflection on that relationship between siblings. Without a doubt, the bond between siblings is very special. You have to attend to that relationship, and the right words can express it.

The five best phrases of brothers

Choosing the quintet of phrases with which to start this compilation has not been easy. And the idea is to start with phrases that capture the maximum interest of our readers on the issue of the relationship between siblings.

1.- Twins are two separate beings united by the heart . Kamand Kojouri.

2.- Comfort is never better in a place that is not in the arms of a sister .  Alice Walker.

3.- Relationships between siblings are more durable than marriages, they survive the death of their parents . Erica E. Goode.

4.- I grew up with six siblings. This is how I learned to dance. Waiting for the bathroom . Bob Hope.

5.- We came into the world as brother and brother. And now we go hand in hand, neither before the other . William Shakespeare.

Also, we have excellent phrases for dad and phrases for mom . That way, we can offer an excellent compendium of phrases for the whole family. Without a doubt, these are the perfect expressions for any type of family reunion.

Phrases for brothers of the week

We have a special phrase: designed so that, during the week, we can reflect on the theme of the brothers . It is a comparison, the idea of ​​comparing the figure with that of some popular superhero. Let’s see next:

6.- Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero . Marc Brown.

What do we deduce from this sentence? Well, the brothers are a real support; Either older or younger. Many times, they are an example. Therefore, they are like real superheroes. And therein lies the value of a brother!

All our phrases for brothers

We have a nice compilation of phrases for siblings . This is a really interesting list. We hope they are words that make you reflect on that important family relationship with people who share the same blood.

7.- No friend like a brother; no enemy like a brother . Hindu proverb .

8.- What strange creatures are the brothers! Jane Austen.

9.- There brother, here on earth, our soul fills us with flags that advance. Against fear they advance. We will win . Victor Jara.

10.- If we are not guardians of our brothers, at least we are not their executioners . Marlon Brando .

11.- If you want to know how your girlfriend will treat you after the marriage, take a look at how she talks to her little brother . Sam Levenson.

Let’s see this last sentence. It reveals something to us: the way we treat brothers is a reflection of what then is the treatment of third parties . Why? Well, siblings are usually our peers. They are not parents or uncles, they are on a similar step to ours.

At the same time, you have to understand something: siblings are our first measure of socialization. They are the first friends , so to speak. So its importance is truly remarkable.

12.- As we grew up, my brothers acted as if they didn’t care, but I always knew that they took care of me and were there. Catherine Pulsifer. Such is existence. The brothers become independent and separate. Each one makes up his own family … but the nexus of love remains latent.

13.- As they got older, my brothers made it seem that they didn’t care about me, but I always knew that they cared about me and were there. Catherine Pulsifer.

14.- Nothing can stop me from loving my brother. Brandy Norwood.

15.- Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all affections, just as there is room in the sky for all stars . Victor Hugo .

16. A brother is a nexus of love and consanguinity that lasts for a lifetime . Anonymous.

17.- Siblings are like a bookend that helps you stay upright when you feel like you’re falling . Robin Benway. Interesting phrase, that without a doubt many can give as something true.

18. If you grow old with someone, you go through many roles, lover, friend, enemy, colleague, stranger, brother and sister. That is intimacy if you are with your soulmate. Cate Blanchett.

19. My brother is one of my true heroes. Stable and sober when I am impulsive and emotional . Mark McKinnon.

20. The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food was coming out of his nose . Garrison Keillor. Beautiful phrase that reminds us of the tricks of childhood. And it is that childhood is treasured in the moments of childhood.

Before indicating the last five sentences, we must say that the brothers are an undoubted treasure . Therefore, with these phrases we have to pay him an undoubted tribute. Many authors have left splendid sentences about the brothers.

For the aforementioned, our selection is wide. It covers authors, novelists, poets, philosophers, phrases from movies or songs . The idea is to achieve a broad panorama about the transcript of the brothers. An otherwise personal and interesting topic!

21.- We never saw each other but it didn’t matter, my brother awake while I was sleeping, my brother showing me his chosen star behind the night . Julio Cortázar . A cute quote that reveals that intimacy, that mutual life, that characterizes life between siblings.

22.- Sweet is the voice of a sister in the moment of sadness . Benjamin Disraeli.

23.- Never rate a classmate the same as a brother. Hesiod. They are different things. It is something that is necessary to understand, because the brothers share our exact same blood.

24.- When the brothers agree, no strength is as strong as their life together . Antisthenes. It is something that is difficult to understand. Many times, between siblings there are disagreements or fights. But when they agree, nothing can stop them. They are a complex and beautiful force at the same time.

25.- I do not consider anything shameful to honor the brothers. Aeschylus of Eleusis. That’s how it is. Whenever necessary, it is always necessary to honor and keep alive the memory of the brothers… it must be done!

We hope that this collection of phrases for the brothers has been really helpful. We have made this compilation with the best intention. In addition, selecting only the best authors to make the appointments.

Likewise, we want to invite our readers the phrases of love . These are phrases that allow us to better understand this feeling ; even more so when it comes to a feeling that should always be present between siblings.

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