We have compiled a total of 25 phrases for the father . That special person who gives us life. Therefore, you should always have some phrases on hand to acknowledge your commitment and love.

The 5 best phrases for the father

To start, we have to cite five opening sentences. The idea is to start with a quintet of otherwise interesting phrases. Each of them can serve as inspiration, while allowing the rest of the collected phrases to be started:

1.- ” My father, when he left, gave half a century to my childhood .” Antonio Porchia.

2.- ” How great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father!” Juan Luis Vives.

3.- “No matter how severe a father may be in judging his son, he is never as severe as a son judging his father . ” Enrique Jardiel Poncela.

4.- “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for the protection of a father . ” Sigmund Freud.

5.- “Man can put all his spirit into business, but if he wants to be happy, his whole heart must be in his home . ” Samuel Smiles.

How about these five initial quotes? It must be said that reflection on fatherhood is important. Many authors, poets and thinkers have left ideas about it. From them we have taken several of these phrases!

Phrase for the father of the week

We wanted to choose a phrase for the weekly father. For this, we have a beautiful quote below; which reveals that paternal love seems to be fully understood once a generational limit is passed:

6.- ” We do not know the love of parents, until we have our own children .” Henry Ward Beecher.

If you want, you can also read our phrases for mom . In that way, you have at hand those phrases so interesting for the couple that life gives us . In any case, throughout this text we expand words intended for the father.

All our phrases for the father

Do you want to read more phrases about this topic? Well, we invite you to review the list that we leave. In addition, in several of these sentences we are leaving some comments. Do not stop reading these wonderful phrases!

7.- “In heaven, directly after God, comes a father . ” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . Interesting locution, especially considering the relationship that this composer had with his father.

8.- “By the time a man realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks his father is wrong . ” Charles Wadsworth. Again, we have the fact that the value of parenthood seems to be recognized over time.

9.- “Whoever loves their parents will find love in their children . ” Eusebio Gómez Navarro .

10.- “As is the father, so is the son” . Latin proverb . This phrase is centuries old, rolling between the lips of humanity. To a large extent, it shows the value of exemplarity that a father has.

11.- “Only a father, but the best man.” Edgard Guest.

12.- “The man who hears many voices that call him father is truly blessed . ” Lydia M. Child.

13.- ” There is a moment when you must explain to your children why they are born and it is wonderful if by then you know why . ” Hazel Scott. 

We stop to take into account a question: who is truly the father? Does he beget or educate? And it is that, in several of our phrases of love , we investigate precisely that idea: the importance of daily presence.

14.- “It is not the flesh and the blood, but the heart, that makes us parents and children.” Friedrich Schiller.

15.- “The hero’s dream is to be great everywhere and small next to his father . Victor Hugo. Certainly, in psychology there is talk of a fear of overcoming the parents. It is something real, since doing so reveals to us that our parents are fallible.

16. “Only a father gives everything to pave the way for his children, doing with unwavering courage the things that his father did for him. And this line I want to dedicate to him: Only a father, but the best man ” . Edgard Guest .

17.- “He is an apprentice of everything, a master of nothing. He is a poet in his own way, he likes the dawn. And between his hands and between his hands some sores bloom secretly . ” José Luis Perales.

Where does the relevance of a parent come from? The truth is that parents are actually great teachers . True mentors who, more than knowledge, leave us examples to follow. On this point, it deals with the following sentence that we present.

18.- “A good father is worth a hundred teachers . ” Jean-Jacques Rousseau . Great speech! And it is totally successful. Many teachers are impersonal, but parents are always something that accompanies us.

19.- “It doesn’t matter who my father was. The important thing is who I remember him to be ”. Anne Sexton .

20.- “A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love . ” Denis Lord .

21.- “By the time a man realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks his father is wrong.” Charles Wadsworth.

22.- “It is a wise man who knows his own son . ” William Shakespeare. An otherwise interesting phrase. Many men have children, but they never really get to know them. To be honest, few parents really know who their children are.

23.- “We do not know the love of parents, until we have our own children . ” Henry Ward Beecher.

24.- “The problem with learning to be a father is that the children are the teachers.” Robert Brault . Another phrase of great interest. It happens that the children, who are the ones in training, end up being the ones who educate the parents.

And before closing, we want to point out that many times a parent is actually a mentor or a teacher. Therefore, we may have many parents in life. Likewise, a father is one who educates us for freedom.

Perhaps, the above is reflected in the last sentence of this post. In this sense, it is a phrase that compares a father with the friendship and affection of siblings. Without a doubt, it is a reflection that opens our minds and feeds our souls.

25.- “A brother is a consolation, a friend is a treasure, a father is both .” Benjamin Franklin .

And what else can we say? Taking advantage of the last sentence that we have indicated; we want to invite our readers to review our brother phrases . These are expressions that help to understand the importance of the family in general.

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