This collection of 25 phrases for mothers is undoubtedly special. Keep in mind that mothers are special beings. In her womb a life is gestated, which then grows and becomes a human being. Is magic!

The 5 best phrases for the mother

How to start a list of phrases about maternal love? Well, we have chosen five phrases that are special . It’s the best way to start, to prepare readers for everything else. Therefore, we have this initial quintet of voice-overs:

1.- The love of a mother is the fuel that makes a human being achieve the impossible . Marion Garretty .

2.- There are many wonders in the universe; but the masterpiece of creation is the mother’s heart . Ernest Bersot.

3.- My mother was my best teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and courage. His love is sweet like a flower, my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie wonder.

4.- A mother is a person who, seeing that there are only four pieces of cake for five people, quickly announces that she does not want more . Tenneva Jordan.

5.- How could I not love you, mother, if you taught me to speak your language? If I am a wind born from your rock? Gonzalo Rojas.

Ready! These are the first phrases that we have chosen . So now we want to continue. However, first recommend a collection of phrases for siblings that we have developed, and that complement this list made for mothers.

Phrase for mother of the week

If you start the week, then you should do it with a reflection on the theme of the mother. For this reason, we have chosen a sentence of the distinguished writer Victor Hugo , who in his books has left many words regarding the feeling of maternal spirit.

6.- The arms of a mother are made of tenderness, and a child sleeps peacefully in them . Victor Hugo .

Just that is the arms of a mother! They are the first cradle of humans. The most placid memory that can exist in childhood . For this reason, there are so many words and reflections found when talking about the subject of mothers and their feelings.

All our phrases for the mother

It only remains to present the rest of the 25 phrases for the mother that we have organized for the readers. Each one of them is like a little treasure . We hope that they are special and that they serve to discover the total magic of maternal love.

7.- The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that governs the world . William Ross Wallace . It is a phrase that later leads to a movie. And it is that the love of the mother in good average dictates the future of the people.

8.- The future of a son is always the work of his mother . Napoleon Bonaparte . This phrase is closely linked to the previous one. Simply, the mother is the one who marks the path of life for many people.

9.- A mother is always loved with equal affection and at any age one is a child when a mother dies. José María Pemán .

10.- Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. It all comes down to the essentials . Meryl Streep. So far, we have seen the mother’s perspective from the eyes of the children. But: how does a woman change when she becomes a mother? This is another important point for reflection.

11.- Whoever loves his mother will never be wicked . Alfred de Musset. 

12.- Of all the rights of a woman, the greatest is to be a mother . Lin Yutang. And it is that every woman has the right to know what love for a child is. 

13.- The child recognizes the mother by the smile . Leo Tolstoy.

14.- Life begins when I get up and love my mother’s face . George Eliot.

15.- There is only one mother, she is unrepeatable. You have to love it, since it is not physically eternal, but it is eternal in the memory of the heart. Anonymous.

Let’s pause. Let’s realize something: phrases about mothers are spoken by a wide variety of people. What does this mean? Well, mothers are something that touch the hearts of the most varied amount of people.

16. The love of a mother is like peace. It doesn’t need to be acquired, it doesn’t need to be earned . Erich Fromm. Mothers love us for the fact of giving birth to us, it is a simple love and without the need to look for it.

17.- Because I feel that in the heavens the angels whispering to each other do not find among their fiery words of love any as devout as that of a mother . Edgar Allan Poe.

18. Everything I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother’s angelic request . Abraham Lincoln.

19. The sweetest sounds given to mortals are those of the mother, home and heaven . William Goldsmith Brown . Many affirm that the love of a mother is necessary for the smile of children, who when hearing it are immediately happy.

20. The most beautiful word on the lips of a man is the word mother, and the sweetest call: my mother . Khalil Gibran.

Now we stop before quoting the last 5 sentences for mothers . And it is that, if we realize it, many give maternal love a certain heavenly condition. Something divine, almost akin to the divinity of a god.

21.- The love of a mother is the veil of soft light between the heart and the heavenly father . Samuel Taylor Coleridge . Here something is clear: the mother’s love is the bridge between men and the creator gods.

22.- Regardless of whether you are famous or not, you will never have a bigger fan than your mother . Linda Poindexter .

23.- Motherhood: all love begins and ends there . Robert Browning.

24. Most mothers are instinctive philosophers. Harriet Beecher Stowe.

25.- Mothers are like glue. Even when you don’t see them, they continue to support the family . Susan Gale . This is something that many assert: the mother is the pillar of any home.

We hope that this collection of phrases for mothers is to the liking of our readers. Keep in mind that mothers are special people. They don’t just give us life. In addition, they share with us and make childhood extremely special.

Finally, we want to invite our readers to review our phrases for the father . In this way, we have a whole collection of words for that couple that gives us life and whom we must always have in our hearts.

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