Bullying is a term used to refer to the different types of abuse and humiliation suffered by people of different ages. Bullying is often talked about, it happens in classrooms and schoolyards around the world. Thousands of cases are registered annually and with it various consequences for the victims.

These are common among school-aged children and adolescents, however adults are not exempt from suffering either. Harassment or intimidation can be exercised in different ways.

Physical bullying focuses on causing damage to the body and personal property. It is described mainly as a type of aggression based on blows, physical limitations and also on the theft or destruction of objects for personal use.

What is physical bullying?

The bullying physical is defined as a form of harassment, which exerts violence by hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, cuts and other types of physical damage. You can even achieve harm by destroying property or objects that belong to the victim . This set of actions seek to create permanent damage to the psyche of the person, this can happen for various causes.

This is one of the most common and worrying types of bullying . In recent records of this type, an increase in cases of physical intimidation has been observed. The same pattern can be observed, usually it begins with verbal bullying, and then evolves to the use of physical violence.

What are its characteristics and examples?

This is a unique and intentional act of violence, due to the intensity of the ongoing attacks . The level of aggressiveness is the key, because it seeks to exercise control and power over the victim. It is usually a stereotype to think that the person who carries out physical bullying is a single person , but it must not be forgotten that these cases involve the participation of several individuals.

There are different ways in which physical abuse can be exercised. Mainly it speaks of damages of variable severity, they are based on blows and pushes. But we must also mention the deliberate damage of goods and objects of personal use.

Theft is also considered to be part of the assaults. Psychologically these actions seek to damage the victim’s self – esteem . Bullying consists of violating personal and physical safety, in this way you will begin to feel unsafe. This situation causes problems at the social level, because exclusion or isolation will be sought as a consequence.

In some cases, free movement and the possibility of communicating with people will be avoided. There are different ways in which pressure can be exerted on the will of the person. Even on a sexual level, the harassment will force the victim to take actions without their consent .

Causes of physical bullying

There are various causes for which colleagues begin to harass, it has been established that certain personality traits make some individuals more prone. These are some common aspects of most people who exercise physical bullying:

  • The aggressive and impulsive tendencies , are some of the personality characteristics that usually show stalkers.
  • The need to dominate and have power over the will of the victims.
  • Bullying behavior is a tool that helps create some satisfaction due to low self-esteem . Various studies have been able to show that on some occasions they seek to solve affective deficiencies through violence.
  • Excess security and selfishness, also other aspects that are considered to exalt narcissistic traits . By exerting humiliation and insults to other people, they are means that seek to compensate for their own insecurities.
  • Narcissistic traits in bullies can be interpreted in two different ways. They can show extreme self -confidence , or total insecurity instead .

Also some social and environmental factors can trigger bullying behavior. Stressful situations at home and in the academic environment usually manifest themselves through physical or verbal abuse of third parties. Some stalkers come from families where sexual abuse is part of living together within the home.

Other possible reasons are lack of parental care or supervision. Lack of discipline and affection can trigger violent and impulsive behavior. The lack of support from friends and family makes these individuals more likely to seek other alternatives that provide them satisfaction.

Several common symptoms are usually present in victims . But it is important to note that not all cases have the same characteristics, it depends largely on how the events are developing.

In addition, the participation of other people who can influence is taken into account . Some of the symptoms that help identify bullying situations are described below:

  • The changes in behavior are different. An example is the lack of interest in doing activities that were commonly done actively.
  • The mood changes show that people spend drastically states such as sadness to irritability.
  • The disorders of sleep can lead to insomnia, or instead to increase the number of hours sleeping.
  • Eating habits show drastic patterns and changes. People can stop eating healthy , but they could also stop eating altogether.
  • Derivative effects appear due to the attacks, mainly bruises and scars from cuts. In the most extreme cases, injuries such as fractures or loss of body parts will occur.

Consequences of physical bullying

Physical abuse involves not just a confrontation that leaves scars on the victim’s body. Also, emotional wounds cannot be easily healed. Victims of bullying of this type often do not know how to react to prevent this situation from continuing.

In most cases they prefer to avoid a confrontation , because they feel they do not have enough strength or support to defend themselves. Various consequences leave having suffered physical harassment, mainly mentioning the scars and bruises that take time to heal.

When these situations are traumatic enough for the victim, this experience leaves emotional marks for life . In some cases, physical violence is combined with verbal, sexual, social and even cyber violence. It is a complex situation in which the participation of family and friends is required, but also of the community to which the people involved belong.

The possibility of being at risk for suicidal tendencies is mentioned . Unfortunately, the statistics of suicides in children and adolescents have remained with high rates in several countries of the world. Not reacting in a timely manner, nor implementing measures that guarantee that these individuals do not act by attacking their colleagues; are some of the faults that can be identified.

These cases began to be formally studied just a couple of decades ago. It was known of the existence of a problem within the classrooms and educational institutes, however the pertinent measures were not taken. Until a few years ago, we would begin to delve into this topic, from the point of view of psychology and sociology .

During the decade of the nineties of the twentieth century and in the first two decades of the twenty-first century, a series of cases occurred that concerned international dirt. They had secondary institutions from different nations as the stage , as is the case of the United States.

Based on the different types of abuse to which some students were subjected, they decided to use weapons and other objects to cause harm to their classmates. These massacres had a significant impact on the social level. These are a clear example of the serious consequences that bullying has in its different facets.

What to do to prevent physical bullying?

Different methods can be used to prevent cases of physical bullying. Because these situations usually occur in schools, it is recommended to activate preventive and corrective action plans against bullying. It has been proven that when sufficient inspection methodologies are not adopted, it will not be possible to identify isolated cases.

Likewise, it is always advisable to perform tests on children to evaluate if there are serious physical injuries . Teachers and student representatives should always pay attention to details. Changes in behavior are undoubtedly the main signs that should be monitored, the origin and causes must be found.

Close communication between all those in charge of monitoring the safety of the school campus will also bring good results. All those involved must be kept informed about the measures that will be implemented. This is especially relevant when dealing with minors who are involved in acts of violence.

On the other hand, when it comes to individuals of legal age, or adolescents from the age of 14, criminal responsibility must be demanded . Due to the seriousness of the consequences of physical bullying, representatives of those involved should seek help from legal experts and medical professionals. They will provide advice at all times.

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