The physical values ​​are directly related to the physiological aspect . Therefore, they refer to health, agility, strength, pleasure and other senses and abilities ; that they are only capable of being physically perceived.

These are principles, whose purpose is to guide people’s behavior, they imply convictions that seek physical well-being.

Also, they are defined as the norms or principles that are related to the body . They enact maintaining good health. Likewise, they are related to the search for beauty and physical strength.

They even allow satisfying pleasures through the physical senses . All these factors – when taken into account – allow people’s existence to be more bearable. Consequently, they can thus maintain a good relationship with other people.

On the perception of physical values

These values can be perceived, depending on the criteria with which they are analyzed, as concepts that defend vanity .

Instead, what they really enact is for people to focus their efforts on developing a physical appearance that is in balance.

In turn, these values ​​are intrinsically related to intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects . It is because all these classifications seek full human development. Thus, when cultivating these values, it is essential that they continue to be used as the main tool in people’s daily lives.

These are norms that together represent the belief of a large part of a society. It is established that these values ​​are a projection of the preferences or needs that various individuals wish to have with respect to the physical part.

Physical values ​​relate to the human body

Mainly, physical values ​​are related to the human body . However, they can also refer to other aspects of the material field such as a building, a car and any object.

These support decisions that help preserve and also restore a person’s physical health . Values ​​function as norms that people must follow to stay healthy, with stamina, vitality and also the possibility of following a healthier life.

Physical values, within a society, help each of its members maintain an appearance and quality in their body. They seek to make it clear that the body must be kept in the best possible situation . For this, there are standards that demonstrate good physical health.

Characteristics of physical values

Physical values ​​present a series of characteristics that have undergone radical changes over the years . Some of them remain valid. Instead, they no longer fit people’s current needs.


The main characteristic is its tangible quality. That is, it is completely certain that the person’s body is there and therefore requires attention.

The body of the person is considered as the main source of pleasure and pain. Caring for it is essential to continue living fully.

For the aforementioned; Every action or decision that affects the body generates both negative and positive stimuli .


Also, they are characterized by corresponding to an immediate order ; but they have an ephemeral character.

Other values ​​- such as affective, moral, and ethical – maintain their permanence in society because they are the basis itself. On the other hand, physical values are in constant transformation and depend on particular needs.


The conceptualization of beauty has radically changed over the years. The fear of aging, without a doubt, is one of the current concerns that most affects the population. Nevertheless; In times past this was not an aspect that had the same degree of importance.

A few centuries ago, fertility and good health were considered to be directly related to fat. This has radically changed.

Now the aesthetic value of contemporary beauty has established that slenderness and slim bodies are what to imitate. Even the destruction and deterioration of the body today are concepts that have acceptance (tattoos, surgeries, etc.).

They are related to health 

Physical values ​​are fundamentally about health . These are aspects that are directly related to the subsistence of the human being.

They are rules that try to provide the optimal and basic conditions necessary to be able to have a healthy life . Diseases are synonymous with suffering and pain, avoiding suffering from them is essential in coexistence within a society.

Another couple of examples of physical values 

There are a wide variety of physical values. Some of them will have greater importance within some societies worldwide. In others, they will not have the same relevance.

However, they are still taken into account because they exert a certain influence on the way in which people are considered to take care of themselves. 


The physical value par excellence is beauty. Its influence in the world is reaffirmed in different ways, since today’s culture depends largely on it.

An example is show business and also physical health . Both have certain requirements that establish beauty as a synonym for success.

Some aesthetic paradigms are difficult to achieve, since the attractiveness and sensuality of the human body has multiple possibilities. Also, the idea of ​​beauty changes over time. It is a constantly changing value.


Within the ranges that are followed in each different social group, athletes usually occupy an essential place.

Physical abilities that denote strength and power are very popular and recognized. Demonstrating that you have these qualities assumes secure social and economic benefits.

The hierarchy of physical values

Physical values ​​are not as important as other types of values. Especially in the eastern world, more than in the western one.

Those that are directly related to the spiritual plane and the psychological part, allow a more complete and transcendental personal development.

On the other hand, physical values ​​are considered to be minor qualities closer to the animal nature of man . Socially, it is sought that people are thinkers and independent beings.

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