Social relationship problems and social skills

From Centro Integra, located , we carry out the evaluation and intervention of social relationship problems to improve social skills in both children and adolescents and adults.


The problems of social relations refer to all situations those in which, as social beings we are, we have to interact with our peers and we know how to deal with them: ask a favor, to express a complaint, strike up a conversation, say no, …

Knowing how to resolve these conflicts and deal with all these situations is what we know as social skills . Su is essential to be able to defend our interests while being respectful of the interests and feelings of others.


We can make a differentiation between the basic and the complex ones.

Some examples of  basic social skills  would be:

  • Listen
  • Start a conversation
  • Ask a question
  • Give the thanks
  • Introduce yourself and other people

Within  complex social skills  we find:

  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Ask for help
  • Convincing others (arguing and reaching an understanding)


Both children, adolescents and adults need not to feel misplaced or disappointed in certain social situations. In order to improve our social skills, treatment with the psychologist will focus on acquiring and internalizing tools to:

  • Gain greater confidence in us
  • Develop assertiveness
  • Work our self-esteem
  • Learn to express ourselves firmly and effectively
  • Manage emotional self-control techniques
  • Work our emotional intelligence

If you are looking for a  Psychologist  to improve social relationship problems, do not hesitate to contact  us.

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Alexa Clark specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has experience in listening and welcoming in Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy. It meets demands such as generalized anxiety, professional, love and family conflicts, stress, depression, sexual dysfunction, grief, and adolescents from 15 years of age. Over the years, She felt the need to conduct the psychotherapy sessions with subtlety since She understands that the psychologist acts as a facilitator of self-understanding and self-acceptance, valuing each person's respect, uniqueness, and acceptance.

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