This is one of our best compilations with 75 phrases from series and movies . This is an interesting collection, reflecting that the scriptwriters of the so-called seventh angel are capable of creating great expressions. 

The 5 best phrases of series and movies

Before giving the complete list, we want to show five phrases from series and movies that are outstanding. It must be borne in mind that film and TV production is very extensive, and that is why making this selection has been somewhat complex. 

1.- Dance with wolves (Dances with Wolves, 1990)  

I was thinking that of all the traces of this life, there is one especially important: the trace of a real human being.

2.- A Love Story  (1970)

Love means never having to say sorry.

3.- Sorry if I call you love (2014)

When we feel happy, we like others better, and we are willing not to consider differences as defects.

4.- Joker (Joker, 2019)

I just hope my death has more meaning than my life.

5.- 007: Casino Royale (2006)

I have no armor left, you took it from me. And what’s left of me, what’s left of me, what’s left is yours.

Likewise, we want to invite you to read our compilation of phrases from famous books . Keep in mind that many films and series have their origin in a book . Novels, chronicles and narratives in general are a source in these cases. 

Phrase of series and movies of the week

Starting a week is a bit of a challenge. It cannot be denied! And many times, on Mondays they merit a phrase that serves as energy and inspiration. Therefore, we want to choose a phrase from a movie that seems childish, but saves memorable phrases:

6.- Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland, 2010)

I’m not crazy, my reality is different from yours.

Have you felt different? You consider that you do not fit. Well, don’t let others have a bad opinion of you. Just keep in mind that your reality is different , you remain in another tune. 

Never forget that your reality is unique and you should never change it to please anyone!

All our series and movies phrases

And before continuing with all our series and movie phrases , we want to make a clarification. Why this clarification? Well, to make this post easier to read.

In this regard, we must say that we have organized the phrases into various categories ; which we indicate below: 

  • Oscar-winning films.
  • Movies in Spanish lenguaje.
  • Classic movies.
  • Romantic movies.
  • Comedy movies.
  • Science fiction movies.
  • Super hero movies.
  • Drama and suspense movies.
  • Disney movies.
  • TV series.
  • Action movies.
  • War films.
  • Adventure movies.
  • Western movies.

We have done this with the intention that our readers can be clear about where the phrases we have chosen come from 

We also take the opportunity to recommend a reading of our optimism phrases . We hope to give our readers extensive coverage of phrases, which fuel the spirit.

Oscar-winning films.

We begin with phrases taken from film productions of the Oscars . Therefore, these are films whose quality is verified, with scripts with dialogues with phrases such as the following:

7.- The Last Emperor  (The Last Emperor, 1987)

She is not my nurse, she is my butterfly.

8.- Gone with the Wind (1939)

Despite you and me and the sinking world, I love you. Because we are the same. Black sheep, both. Selfish but capable of facing things and calling them by name. 

9.- Titanic (1997)

Life is a gift and I don’t want to waste it. It is not known which hand he will have next. You learn to take life as it comes. To make each day count. 

10.- Shakespeare Enamorado (Shakespeare in Love, 1998)

If you do not remember the slightest madness into which love made you fall, you have not loved. 

This small selection has been brief. As we realize, it happens that the Oscar movie phrases are varied. They offer us from brief reflections, to words that poetically express the action of the characters. 

Movies in Spanish lenguaje

And we love having this section of movie phrases in Spanish . It is not necessary to translate, as we have the words as they appear on the screen, just as they are heard from the lips of the actors. 

11.- Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown , (1988)

On that bike no other cunt climbs other than mine.

12.- Simon of the desert (1965)    

I’m an innocent girl Simon, look at what innocent legs.

13.- The dark side of the heart (1992)

Never try to know a woman’s past.

14.- National Heritage (1981) 

Disappoint yourself, the Mediterranean has always been a sea of ​​the poor.

15.- Bad education (2004)

For the bad things both together, but for the good you alone.

There are excellent films, dialogues and phrases in the Spanish language . Both Spanish and Latin American cinema have left real pieces of interest, with well-written scripts that enchant viewers. 

Classic movies

We now turn to classic movie phrases. These are several films that were made in black and white format . These are undoubted classics, which have become amalgamated into world film culture. 

16.- Gone with the Wind  (1939)

I am going to make you an offer that you cannot refuse .

17.- Casablanca (1942)

Make my day. One from the census came to see me. I ate their liver with beans and washed down with a delicious Chianti.

18.- Citizen Kane  (1941)

     Mom, I’m on top of the world.

19.- El padrino (The Godfather, 1972)

You do not understand it! It could be a ‘first series’. Aspire to the title. I could have been something in life. Instead, look at me, I’m just a gulf.

There are many other classic films , but we have chosen only a few, not wanting to make this list too long. 

Romantic movies

Of course, romantic movie phrases cannot be missing from this list . And it is that love affairs have been the favorites in film and television, which is why phrases such as the ones we quote below are inevitable:

20.- Sweet November (Sweet November, 2001) 

I live for one thing: to love you, to make you happy, to live intensely and happily in the present.

21.- Hot dance (Dirty Dancing, 1987)

I am afraid of everything. I am afraid of what I saw, what I did and what I am, and what I am most afraid of is leaving this room and never again in my life feel what I feel when I am with you. 

22.- (500) days together [(500) Days of Summer]

On the one hand I want to forget her, but on the other I know that she is the only person in the whole universe who could make me happy.

23.- Love Story (Love Story, 1970)

Love is never having to say I’m sorry.

Many of these love-themed movies are true classics. However, we now continue with a modality that, in recent times, has shown an enormous technological deployment . And with interesting phrases too!

Animation movies

Here we have films where there are no actors, but characters achieved with animation techniques. Many of these films are intended for children, but in the dialogues they offer interesting words and reflections. 

24.- La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast, 2017)

I may have wasted my time, but you lost someone who really loved you. 

25.- Tarzan (Tarzan, 1999) 

May your soul be free.

Man’s survival depends on the perfection of the senses less than might be believed 

26.- The Simpsons (The Simpsons, 1989)

Yuju, I’m already a university student. I no longer need my high school diploma. I am intellectual, very intelligent. I am intellectual, very intelligent, oh how beautiful I am!

27.- Toy Story (1995)

The smile is mine, but the reason is you. 

28.- Frozen: The kingdom of ice (Frozen, 2013) 

True power is born in the heart and it depends on it whether it will be used for good or bad.

And as is to be expected, they are films that also have humor. Precisely thinking about humor, we want to leave a section dedicated to comedy below. 

Movies and comedy series

Comedy has been a genre widely used in film and television . It is capable of entertaining many people, which is why it is usually very popular. We have some comedy phrases in movies and series below. 

29.- ALF (1986-1990)

I only have 10 major organs, 8 of them are stomachs. If you love something let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours.

30.- And where are the blondes? (White Chicks, 2004)

Any problem? Hold my Poodle. What happens? Do you have any problem?

31.- Fashion intern (The Intern, 2015)

I read once that musicians don’t retire. They stop when they no longer have music inside.

32.- Jesús Henry Christ (2011)

The truth is that you are a gift of modern medicine … A very expensive gift.

33.- The Prince of Rap in Bel Air (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 1990-1996)

Your feet must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day. 

Have you recognized the movies and shows we have featured? Without a doubt that is so! And it is that the genre of comedy has been able to establish itself largely in popular culture with resounding success. 

Science fiction movies 

The phrases of science fiction movies usually have phrases of all kinds: from heroic to full of humor. In fact, here we present just a small sample about it.

34.- Men in Black   (Men in Black, 1997)

The fact that they see a black man driving a luxury car does not mean that it is stolen, well this one is stolen, but not because it is black.

35.- E.T., El extraterrestre (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, 1982)

We’re all going to die, and they’ll never give me a driver’s license anymore.

36.- Yo, robot (I, Robot, 2004)

Law III: a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not contradict the first or second law.

37.- Interestelar (Interstellar, 2014)

Maybe you have to decide, between seeing your children again or saving humanity.

38.- Alien: Resurrection  (Alien: Resurrection, 1997) 

It’s a bad time to meet nice people.

Science fiction has spawned many other genres. Such is the case of the appearance of characters with special abilities : superheroes . The latter have starred in many films and have bequeathed special phrases. 

Superhero Movies

There are those who claim that superheroes started in the world of comics. However, there are many series and movies about it. So many, that it has been difficult for us to choose the phrases that we present below to our readers:

39.- Batman inicia (Batman Begins, 2005)

My enemies will share my fear.

40.- Marvel’s Avengers (The Avengers, 2012)

Humans believe that we are immortal. Do we put it to the test?

41.- The Amazing Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012)

This is the computer model of a lizard. These wonderful creatures are so wonderfully adapted that they can regenerate their limbs at will. Imagine my envy.

42.- The man of steel (Man of Steel, 2013)

You could only disappear if you stopped helping people, and I don’t think that is in your plans.

43.- The iron man (Iron man, 2008)

The technology. It has always been his Achilles heel in this part of the world.

How varied are these phrases! It is striking that the theme of superheroes allows so much variety. And it is that they enter into very diverse matters: technology, the human condition, tragedy, duty, destiny , etc. 

Drama and suspense movies

It is said that the genre of dramaturgy was born in the realm of tragedy. The ancient Greeks thought of the dramatic genre to write their first plays. Basically, they were looking for something called catharsis.

Today, the movie world tends to thrive on drama and suspense . In this regard, we have dialogues of phrases like the ones we quote below:

44.- Psychosis (Psycho, 1960)

A child’s best friend is his mother.

45.- The Others (The others, 2001)

Sometimes the world of the living mixes with that of the dead.

46.- Sexto sentido (The Sixth Sense, 1999)

Have you ever felt those sharp things on the back of your neck? And the hairs on your arm stand up? Are they. When they get angry … lower the temperature.

47.- La maldición de Hill House (The Haunting of Hill House, 2018)

When you are a child, you learn to see things that are not there. And when you grow up, you learn to make them real.

It is important to note that these films tend to have a very good reception from the public . Even becoming cult films.

Disney movies

Walt Disney left a very interesting legacy. His initial cartoons have allowed the appearance of new stories and characters. In this sense, countless films have been created, from which we have extracted the following statements: 

48.- Finding Nemo (Finding Nemo, 2003)

If life defeats you, what is there to do? We will swim, we will swim, in the sea, the sea, the sea.

49.- Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 2001)

We will rescue the princess, we will save Atlantis or we will die trying.

50.- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937) 

Every woman has a smile on her face and a thousand secrets in her heart.

51.- The Lion King (The Lion King, 1994)

Everything you see coexists in a delicate balance.

The children’s audience has enjoyed all these productions for the cinema . For this reason, many generations remember the phrases that we have indicated. The reason is that they have listened to them during their childhood and youth, a time in which many things are implanted in the memory.

T.V. series

What is more popular: film or television? The truth is that many series in television format have conquered a wide audience . For this reason, many phrases and dialogues in such series remain in the memory of a large number of people.

52.- The lights of Friday night Friday Night Lights, 2006-2011)

There is no weakness in forgiveness.

53.- Modern Family (Modern Family, 2009-2020)

Meryl Streep could play Batman and it would be the perfect fit.

54.- Chicas (Girls, 2012-2017)

Don’t tell anyone, please, but I want to be happy.

55.- Marvel’s Daredevil (2015-2018)

The wind blows stronger the closer you are to the top of the mountain.

56.- Dark (2017-2020)

A man lives three lives. The first ends with the loss of naivety, the second, with the loss of innocence, and the third … with the loss of life itself. It is inevitable that we go through all three stages.

It is important to say that we have only chosen series from recent times . There are many series that have been successful, since the mid-20th century. However, we have limited the format of achievements of a few decades ago.

Action movies

Perhaps, it is the most popular type of film . It must be said that also in the one that has a more varied audience: both adults and young people. In any case, here we have a brief selection of phrases taken from this cinematographic genre.

57.- El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

If you think you can move someone you should try your luck with the police. The way I see it, you created your own destiny. Like your ex-partner and their attorney.

58.- John Wick: Another Day to Kill (John Wick, 2014)

I appreciate you granting my son a quick death.

59.- Oldboy: days of revenge . (Oldboy, 2013)

I’m going out. And whoever you are, wherever you are, I will find you .

60.- Airport 77 (Airport ’77., 1977)

Not much more to say. There are a lot of things to say yet, but what there is not is time to say them.

In these films he usually responds to the dialogue of constant interaction. Rarely does a phrase with a philosophical mood appear. Likewise, many times it is important to cite not only the pressures of a character, but the dialogue and responses that he gets when speaking.

War films

The war genre has had excellent exponents. Both the ideal of leadership and the role of acting. In addition, it is one of the favorite genres of cinema considered the highest level. The reason is that it lends itself to exploring different edges: visual effects, special effects, action, placing the characters and tense situations, and so on.

It must be said that the phrases of war movies are very good. In fact, we have selected a few … But, there are plenty of examples of excellent dialogue in these film productions.

61.- Sniper (American Sniper, 2014)

These wars are won and lost in the minds of our enemy.

62.- Dunkerque (2017)

If we allow a massacre on the other side of the Canal, we will be left homeless.

63.- The darkest hours (Darkest Hour, 2017)

How is he able to drink during the day? I have a lot of practice …

64.- The Son of Saúl (Son of Saul, 2015)

You have abandoned the living for the dead.

65.- 1917 (2019)

What a waste! You should have taken it home with you, you should have, given it to your family. Men have died for it. If they gave me a medal, I would take it home, why didn’t you take it home …?

War movies combine adventure, action, and drama . In addition, they are often combined with other film genres.

Adventure movies

The theme of adventure is not new. The epic literature of ancient civilizations always reflected the adventures of various characters. In fact, a large number of myths are nothing more than a sum of interesting adventures.

66.- The Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

I quite like having a sorcerer around. They seem to bring good luck.

67.- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2008)

To all of you, from within. We will make them us. And the best of all? They won’t even know what is happening.

68.- Okja (2017)

It’s a shame we should tell all those white lies. It is not our fault that consumers are so paranoid about GMOs.

69.- Maleficent (Maleficent, 2014)

They have been very good to me except that time they accidentally fed me spiders.

70.- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, 2002)

Ride with me. Ride and meet them. For death and glory.

Of course these phrases have the epic spirit, the magic of adventurous characters . It must be said that the adventure genre is the one that has given rise to the most sub-genres, as is the case with Westerners: movies about cowboys.

Western movies

This genre portrays an era and a time, being one of the favorites. Many films and series have been made with the North American Wild West as the setting , which at the time was also dubbed the last frontier. 

In the midst of gunmen, horses, wild Indians and fights for gold … characters appear who live very intense adventures. This is how we have left phrases as interesting as the following:

71.- Johnny Guitar (1954)

Lie to me, tell me you love me …

72.- The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance  (The Man Who Shot Liberty Balance, 1962)

I live where I hang my hat.

73.- Los Ridículos 6 (The Ridiculous 6, 2015)

It is clear that you cannot ride five miles in this territory without running into outlaws … 

74.- Rápida y mortal (The Quick and the Dead, 1995)

I bring a sense of order to your lives. Not of justice, of order.

75.- Once upon a time in the West (C’era una volta il West, 1968)

My weapons may seem very simple to you, but they make holes big enough to solve little problems.

It has been a vast selection of phrases. We wanted to make a heterogeneous selection, covering all tastes and genres, both film and series . Likewise, always indicating the film or series along with its year of release.

Before saying goodbye, it’s time to invite our readers to review our goodbye phrases . Just as we want to say goodbye in this long text, we also want to leave some phrases destined for those moments when it is time to say goodbye .

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