This text collects 50 phrases of songs that are fascinating. Without a doubt, music lovers can recognize these words and recall the rhythm that accompanies them. Do not forget that the music industry has offered us excellent lyrics for the enjoyment of all.

The 5 best song phrases

It has not been easy to choose fifty phrases of songs . Even so, we wanted to make a kind of “second selection”. By these we mean that we first choose the quintet of the most interesting phrases, which we present below:

1.- ” Life is a prison with open doors .” Andrés Calamaro .

2.- ” Take my hand, take my whole life too, because I can’t help falling in love with you .” Elvis Presley .

3.- ” Everything you touch and everything you see is everything your life will ever be “. Pink floyd

4.- “How many ears must a man have before he can hear people cry? Yes… And how many deaths will it take until I know that too many people have died? ”. Bob Dylan .

5.- “ Parents be good to your daughters, the daughters will love like you. The girls become lovers, they become mothers, mothers also be good to their daughters ”. John Mayer .

We also have a compilation of phrases from series and movies . From the world of entertainment you can get many phrases, expressions that make us reflect on daily life. We must pay due attention to them!

Song phrase for the week

The truth is that, among the collected phrases, we have also designated one for each week. What have we done this for? We want people to have a different weekly phrase . That way, after Sunday start your day with a different inspiration.

6.- ” It seems that what I was really doing in life was waiting for you .” The Beatles .

A beautiful phrase from the famous Liverpool band No wonder it is a romantic prayer. After all, the sentimental theme is the one that most permeates the musical lyrics; and the members of the Beatles did not escape this predilection for love and nostalgia.

All our song phrases

Now we have to continue with our list of fragments of musical lyrics. We then have a heterogeneous sample. Great variety of singers and composers. Various genres such as rock, pop, ballad and many more.

7.- “ If we were blind and had no choice, would we hate each other for the tone of our voice? ” Anthrax .

8.- ” Your kisses taste so bitter when you dirty your lips with lies again you say that I am hurting you, that over the years I am becoming more cruel.” Alejandro Sanz.

9.- ” Don’t criticize what you can’t understand .” Bob Dylan .

10.- “ Let the children sing, raise their voices, make the world listen; that they join their voices and reach the sun; in them is the truth ”. José Luis Perales .

11.- ” Sleeping with you is being alone twice, it is solitude squared .” Fito Paez .

12.- ” Love is what everyone talks about, but nobody really knows what it is.” Alejandro Sanz .

We pause to draw attention to something: almost all the sentences are romantic in nature . For some reason, musical composers have given this theme a lot of privilege. In fact, the sentences that follow continue with this same trend.

13.- “Is loving enough? Is breathing enough? Someone tore my heart and left me here bleeding Is dying enough? Someone saved my life. I’d rather be whatever it is, less ordinary please ”. Avril Lavigne .

14.- ” Time can depress you, time can bend your knees .” Eric Clapton .

15.- “ You are giving me a million reasons to let you go. You’re giving me a million reasons to leave the show . ” Lady Gaga .

16.- “And although it was I who decided that no more and I never tire of swearing that there will be no second part, it is so hard for me to forget you . ” Meccano .

17.- ” Life belongs to us, we live it in our own way and all these words that I do not limit myself to saying is because nothing else matters .” Metallica .

18.- ” When I feel like the sea, I fill a glass of water and salt, and paint a sun on the wall, imagining the rest .” Alejandro Sanz .

These last phrases of songs that we present are somewhat distant from the romantic . Therefore, we also want to suggest our collection of inspirational phrases . They are a great way to combine various themes that are expressed in musical lyrics. We now continue with our song phrases!

19.- “To be able to say goodbye … is to grow up .” Gustavo Cerati .

20.- ” And one morning I understood that sometimes he who loses a woman wins .” Joaquin Sabina .

21.- “ Sometimes I don’t want to know where, when, or with whom you are. Understand that I’ll be fine, I’m just not doing so badly ”. The waiters

22.- ” You are all I have, I don’t want to die without being able to see you again .” Juanes .

23.- “ Imagine that there are no countries, it is not difficult to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too. Imagine all the people living a life in peace. You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one looking forward to the day. You will join us and the world will be as one ”. John Lennon .

24.- ” If they ask about you, I’ll just say that I saw you, in my dreams one night, and I only dream since then to see myself with you every day .” Alex Ubago .

25.- ” Ours lasted as long as two ice fish last .” Joaquin Sabina .

We want to stop at sentence 25. The reason? Interesting how excellent analogies are used in songs. Two fish on ice are short-lived… but there is also the quality of being cold and icy. In this sense, many times the lyrics of the songs give us more interesting ways of expression than the common language .

Also, before continuing, we want to invite our readers to read our farewell phrases , which may be necessary when closing a cycle and leaving something behind.

And precisely the next phrase that we have has to do with goodbyes. A phrase from a famous Mexican singer , which speaks of the end of a love. So we want to continue with our song phrases.

26.- “ Even if you no longer feel love for me, only resentment; I don’t have anything to feel either and that’s worse. There is no doubt that it is true that habit is stronger than love ”. Juan Gabriel .

27.- “ Without love in our souls and without money in our coats, it cannot be said that we are satisfied. But Angie, I still love you darling, wherever I look… I see your eyes . ” Rolling Stones .

28.- “ It is difficult to believe that there is no one out there, it is difficult to believe that I am completely alone. At least I have his love; the city, she loves me, lonely like me, together we cry ”. Red Hot Chilli Pepers .

29.- ” The tears that taste the most bitter are those that carry words inside .” Van Gogh’s ear.

30.- ” Love is a thing that occurs suddenly in a natural way, full of fire, if you force it it withers and without beginning it reaches its end .” No flag .

The very reiterated romantic theme in the musical world. However, there are also songs of another nature. The truth is that the creativity of musical composers often jumps out in lyrics that seem philosophical. Likewise, there are letters that do not need to be an interesting metaphor and combination of images. Let’s see some below.

31.- ” I have spoken with the language of angels, I have taken the hand of the devil, it was warm at night, I was cold as stone … but I have not yet found what I was looking for .” U2 .

32.- ” And die with you if you kill yourself and kill me with you if you die, because love when it does not die kills, because loves that kill never die.” Joaquin Sabina .

33.- “ And you can tell everyone that this is your song. It may be very simple, but now that it’s done, I hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind if I translate it into words. How wonderful life is now that you are in the world . Elton John .

34.- ” Wise men say that only fools rush “. Elvis Presley .

35.- ” When the pain makes you fall, do not be silly, do not close your eyes and cry, you will simply be in the best position to see the sun shine .”  Alanis Morissette .

Another interesting aspect of music is that it reflects different situations and contexts. Sample next song phrase we put the context of the Caribbean . However, before reading it we want to indicate to our readers to know some of our optimism phrases , that many song lyrics have to do with the theme of optimism.

36.- “ In my life I knew a woman just like the skinny one, black coral from Havana, a tremendous mulatto. 100 pounds of skin and bone, 40 kilos of sauce and two suns on the face, which without words speak . Stick syrup .

37.- “ In this bright future you cannot forget your past, so dry your tears. Let no woman shed tears ”. Bob Marley .

38.- “ I hear babies cry, I see them grow, they will learn much more, I will never know. And I say to myself, what a wonderful world! Louis Armstrong .

39.- ” Make me your sun. And I’ll shine for you Make me your steps. And I will take care of you. All that and more. By you. For love of you For love of you ”. Cristian Castro .

40.- “ Saying« I love you »are not the words I want to hear from you. It’s not that I don’t want you to say them, but if you only knew how easy it would be for you to show me how you feel. More than words is all you have to do to make it come true . ” Extreme .

41.- “Friendship is something that crosses the soul, it is a feeling that does not go away . ” Laura Paussini .

42.- “ But the force of destiny made us repeat. What if winter comes cold, I want to be with you ”. Meccano .

Before closing this list of song phrases, it remains to say that we have chosen lyrics from many eras. In this way, we hope that ours are from different generations and feel identified with the content that we present to them.

43.- “ I can’t believe it. What happened to those moments when fear did not exist, when kisses were eternal? ”. Pablo Alboran .

44.- ” If there is something to hide, or there is something to say, a friend will always be the first to know .” Green dwarfs .

45.- “ I’m going to write you the most beautiful song in the world, I’m going to capture our history in just one second. And one day you will see that this madman forgets little, no matter how long the years pass in his life . ”  Van Gogh’s Ear .

46.- ” I love you with lemon and salt, I love you just the way you are, you don’t need to change anything .” Julieta Venegas .

47.- ” I don’t want to know another kiss, I don’t want another name coming from my lips .” Lady Gaga .

48.- ” Love is only a word, but you give it definition .” Eminen .

49.- ” Come into my life, I open the door for you, I know that in your arms there will no longer be deserted nights .” Without flag.

50.- “As that genius said, this life is a dream, a dream. As that genius said, this life is a dream and I will dream ”. Van Gogh’s Ear .

Hopefully these 50 phrases obtained from songs are to the liking of our readers. Likewise, we invite you to review the list of phrases from famous books that we have for those who wish to review our web portal. All these selections of phrases represent a work done with care , hoping to meet the expectations of those who read us.

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