From Centro Integra, located , we carry out the  diagnosis and treatment of dysglossia through our team of Speech Therapists.


Dysglossia is an alteration of the articulation of the phonemes caused by some anomalies, physical injuries or some malformation in the organs of speech: lips, tongue, palate, etc; and of non-neurological origin.


The causes of dysglossia can be multiple, the most common being:

  • Congenital malformations
  • Growth disorders
  • Peripheral paralysis or trauma


In the treatment of dysglossia, the speech therapist usually begins to work after a clinical intervention, generally surgical, that restores or corrects the affected organ. With this intervention, the person is provided with an adequate anatomical base so that they can articulate correctly. After this, the speech therapist can begin to act on the affected and corrected area to give it strength, mobility and control .

Through the different exercises that are carried out, the patient gains greater functionality in the organ or organs treated, then going on to teaching the articulation of sounds itself.

Along with dysglossia disorder, other symptoms may appear. One of them would be the refusal to speak when being aware of their difficulties when it comes to articulating, which can produce low self-esteem which, if necessary, should be worked with the support of a Psychologist . Other disorders associated with dysglossia could be: school delays, difficulties in the fluency of speech or difficulty in reading and writing, of which the Psychopedagogue would be in charge of helping the patient.

If you are looking for a speech therapist  for the  treatment of dysglossia ,  do not hesitate to  contact  us.

Other treatments  that the speech therapist can help you with are:

  • Stuttering
  • Language and / or speech delay
  • Dyslalia , problem in the articulation of phonemes
  • Dysphonia , commonly known as hoarseness
  • Atypical swallowing
  • Dysphasia , difficulty speaking and / or understanding spoken speech
  • Dysarthria , difficulty controlling or coordinating the muscles that intervene in speech, or due to a weakness of the same
  • fasia is a disorder caused by lesions in the parts of the brain that control language. It can affect writing, reading, and expressing what you want to say.
  • Hearing disorders
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