Story to explain to children what is the Coronavirus and other viruses

In today’s post we want to share with you ” Rosa’s story against the virus “. It is a story that the College of Psychologists of Madrid has created and shared in which children are explained what the Coronavirus and other viruses are.

This story is aimed at children between 4 and 10 years old and its main objective is to explain to the little ones, accompanied by their parents, in the simplest and clearest way, what a virus is and how to manage their emotions.

The parents of the Centro Integra team have already used it with our children and we think it is a great resource!

You can read it and download it from the following link:

We also inform you that the Ministry of Health has also issued a  children’s information campaign about the coronavirus  in which it recommends:

  1. Know what children know about the disease.
  2. Solve your doubts
  3. Explain the symptoms
  4. Teach them hygiene measures
  5. Alert them that if they have discomfort, let them know

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to  contact  us.

We remind you that this entry belongs to a  special “Psychology and Coronavirus”  where you can find related articles.

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