We have this list with 20 Valentine’s phrases . This list is designed for those who like to understand affection and love. They are perfect phrases to say before that loved person, those beings that make our life more special.

The 5 best Valentine’s phrases

As we have always done, we want to start with a quintet of powerful lines. These are the ones we consider to be the best on this list. For this reason, we have chosen them to start this collection of Valentine’s themed voiceovers .

1.- “The kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers . ” Amy Banglin .

There is no doubt that it is a phrase that combines a romantic air , with the same sensuality. And it is that love is usually understood as the attraction of a partner. However, this is not entirely true. That is always learned over time!

Valentine’s day phrase of the week

We have a weekly phrase, relating to Valentine’s Day . We chose it with the intention of starting each week with a kind of longing for Valentine’s Day. In fact, it is a phrase mentioned by a renowned poet:

2.- “Love is the desire to get out of oneself.” Charles Baudelaire .

Likewise, we invite you to read our variety of love letters and short poems . In this way, a totality of texts regarding the sentimental is achieved. Do not forget that Valentine’s Day implies, above all, expression.

All our Valentine’s phrases

Without further ado, we show the rest of the Valentine’s phrases collected in this text. We hope that they are useful, that they awaken feelings and that they communicate love with thought in a harmonious way.

3.- “For my next trick I need you to kiss me and I will magically make butterflies appear in your stomach . ” Pablo Neruda .

4.- “Love is a wonderful flower, but it is necessary to have the courage to go and look for it on the edge of a horrible precipice .  ” Stendhal . This reflection has been made several times: love involves risks. As simple as that!

5.- “In matters of love, crazy people are the ones who have more experience. Never ask the sane about love; the sane love sanely, which is like never having loved ”. Jacinto Benavente . And here something peculiar happens, the amalgam between love and reason is denied. Something very common!

6.- “When I caressed you, I realized that I had lived my whole life with empty hands.” Alejandro Jodorowsky .

7.- “Love just one day and the world will have changed .  ” Robert Browning . Likewise, many affirm that love is not necessary for life. Many times, a brief, sentimental experience is enough for a lifetime.

8.- “I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I’m with you.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Excellent phrase, which shows that love is not a person; but everything that person implies.

9.- “I am what you have made of me. Take my praise, take my blame, take all the success, take the failure, in short, take me. Charles Dickens . What does this phrase imply? Point out that love is also acceptance. Accept that this other person is both success and failure. The communion of opposites!

10.- “Nobody can avoid falling in love. Perhaps one wants to deny it, but it is possible that friendship is the most frequent form of love . Stieg Larsson .

11.- ” Change your pleasures, but don’t change your friends.” Voltaire. This phrase, like the previous one, indicates that there is a certain love in friendship. And it suggests that erotic contact is pleasure … not necessarily love.

12.- “The most powerful spell to be loved is to love.” Baltasar Gracián. Several insist that love merits initiative. However, it happens that most expect to receive love and not so much to give it. 

13.- “To love is not to look at each other; it is looking together in the same direction . ” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A mistake that many make: trying to look at each other and complement each other. Love is not dependency!

14.- “Love letters begin without knowing what is going to be said and end without knowing what has been said.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau. One of the most beautiful Valentine’s phrases that we have on this list. 

Here we want to stop for a while. And it is that you can see that Valentine’s Day becomes the reason for many things. Something interesting! If we realize it, it happens that the theme of love opens up on countless stages.

What is love? How do you love? This type of thing is addressed in the following sentences. These are expressions spoken by prominent authors . We hope they are to the liking of all our readers.

15.- “Love as you can, love who you can, love everything you can. Don’t worry about the purpose of your love ”. Loved nerve. Peculiar phrase that what seems to indicate is that the important thing is to have the initiative to love.  

16.- “A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg despite knowing that you are slightly cracked.” Bernard Meltzer . Here we have again the idea that love and friendship seem to go on the same path.

17.- “To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already half dead.” Bertrand Russell . Keep in mind that love is a thing of the brave. It is not for lukewarm people. Therefore, not everyone can love. 

18.- “I want to live and be strong to love you with all the tenderness that you deserve, to give you all the good that is in me.” Frida Kahlo . This is a phrase that the famous Mexican painter says to her husband, Diego Rivera.  

19.- “Love is intensity and for this reason it is a relaxation of time: it stretches the minutes and lengthens them like centuries . ” Octavio Paz .

Before finishing, we want to say that the origin of Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of Valentine, a priest who married couples under the Christian rite in Rome. That death happened on February 14 , being that the new day of love from now on.

20.- “Not being loved is a simple misfortune; the real misfortune is not to love ”. Albert Camus 

Finally, we have this phrase from the French novelist . The important thing is to love, not so much to be loved. It is something that many do not understand. Therefore, we must cultivate affection.

The truth is that with these phrases you can already have something to say on this February 14. Also, they are not your typical cheesy phrases: they have something additional that, without a doubt, gives them enormous value.

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