Qualities that are considered positive are often referred to as values. These characteristics can be recognized by a person or by a group that can be society. They equally recognize an attitude, a behavior or some properties that are recognizable which have a value that is unique. But you also have to consider that sometimes these values ​​can be rejected, as well as accepted.

Concept and characteristics of the securities 

Values ​​are usually characteristics that help to provide a sense of existence to people, therefore these are what make people have committed in their lives. We must also consider that the values ​​are not always verifiable or concrete , these are interpretations that are made at a mental or cultural level.

  • They are determined by certain actions or characteristics of their own, from a material point of view.
  • Values ​​are abstract characteristics , which in turn are individual or collective, depending on each case.
  • The appreciation of these characteristics depends largely on the way of thinking of the group and also at the individual level, some values ​​are universal.

Some values ​​depend on their importance from a historical point of view. This means that they are not chosen arbitrarily, they depend on a process through which society has developed a series of values ​​that continue to be in force over the years. Likewise, the values ​​are hierarchical . Some are more relevant compared to others.

It can be said that values ​​must be accepted by an entire society, in this way they are shared and continue to have the same importance for everyone. This is how each individual performs certain actions or thoughts, always considering what is the value system that governs the social group to which it belongs.

Ideals, as well as certain cultural characteristics, depend on these characteristics which serve as a pass to judge or accept certain actions . The prestige, the reputation and also the acceptance of certain individuals, depend on the values ​​with which they are judged.

Classification of securities

The classification of values ​​is determined by a complex process due to the large number of realities and phenomena that can occur in people’s lives. Therefore, they are abstract characteristics that try to define feelings, opinions, actions and decisions that are typical of human nature.

Values ​​try to define essential aspects of the condition of people within the societies to which they belong. Starting from this idea, some values ​​will have a more universal character than others. Taking into consideration that in the world there are different cultures, which in turn adapt to different religions.

Values ​​are classified according to the different types of thoughts and activities that are carried out in everyday life. Therefore, the values ​​that society accepts are usually related to social, religious and also cultural activities ; These are joined by others of an ethical and moral nature . Each of the areas of human life can be judged by means of already established values, such as those described below:

ethical values

They are directly related to behavior, taking into consideration that ethics is a philosophical discipline that studies the complex relationships that arise from what is acceptable and unacceptable. That is, to judge between what is correct or not; In this way it is deduced if the behavior of an individual will have acceptance in the society to which he belongs.

In this way, an ethical value is one that describes behavior that has been identified as correct , therefore any decision must be made considering the characteristics of this type of value. These could be considered as rules that let you know when you are acting responsibly.

Moral values

These types of values ​​are often confused with ethical values. The moral values are those that help determine between good and evil. Sometimes these concepts can be abstract within a specific cultural framework or according to the rules established in a given society. These values ​​allow judging the actions that individuals perform between good and bad. 

This type of Value is considered to be changing, it depends on the religious and cultural context according to the period of time in which it is immersed. These values ​​are associated with the characteristics that society considers as acceptable, between what is correct and what is acceptable for various reasons

Social values

These are values ​​that come from a specific society or group of people. These are chosen according to the criteria of an individual , which are subsequently accepted collectively for which they can be arbitrary. Taking this characteristic into consideration, it is necessary to clarify that social values can be in conflict with moral and ethical values.

Social values ​​put more pressure on people’s behavior and decisions. These change according to the evolution of a society, that is, as the rules are changed by others. They are imposed according to historical, political or economic events mainly.

Religious values

The religious values are determined by rules with which certain religions or religious groups are governed. These correspond to a code of spirituality which is contemplated by each religion and is accepted by its parishioners. These values ​​could coincide in some factors with moral, ethical and social values ; although this may not always happen.

A particular characteristic of this type of value is that it will only be valid if people decide to believe or practice the religion from which it derives. In this way, some societies that are fundamentally religious are governed by values ​​that will not be subjectively questioned, laws that are imposed by the laws of a political government will apply. 

Human values

These values ​​are also called by the name of universals. They are characterized by being chosen according to a common behavior that is carried out by several individuals belonging to the same species. These values ​​show what are the characteristics of societies from a cultural and religious point of view.

These values ​​are often in controversy because they can be imposed on cultural values, therefore they could not correspond to universal thought. Furthermore, they may not correspond to the ideals of some cultures . They can also be in conflict with some human rights.


Anti- values are characterized by establishing ideas or concepts that are contrary to the more traditional values. This happens within a certain scope. Such reverse values ​​are often in conflict with official values, or that are culturally accepted by a society.

In this way, it could be affirmed that these values ​​allow the practice of actions and decisions that for some could be immoral ; although it depends on the type of value to which they oppose.

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