Guardianship and custody of minor children

At Centro Integra , our Legal Psychologists carry out expert reports on the custody and custody of minors to know what is the best situation and greatest benefit for them.


Guardianship and custody is one of the functions implicit in parental authority (which is the set of duties and rights of parents in relation to non-emancipated minor children, and their protection, such as education, food, administration of their assets, etc …). As a consequence of the breakup of the couple, guardianship and custody can be exercised only by one of the parents, who will be the one who decides about the ordinary exercise of parental authority. General or extraordinary decisions correspond to the joint exercise of parental authority over the children, which is a right of both parents.

There are three types of custody and custody: exercised by one of the parents, shared by both or entrusted to other relatives.


There can be two cases. In one of them, the parents will decide by mutual agreement in the regulatory agreement for their separation or divorce. If they do not reach an agreement, it will be a judge who determines the custody based on the interest of the minor, seeking their best benefit.

In the event that joint custody is achieved, the communication and visitation regime should be established in the same (distributing the days of the week, weeks, fortnights, school years), the contribution to the children’s maintenance that must be made each parent and the determination of the dwelling in which the minor will reside.

If you are looking for a Legal Psychologist  to carry out a report on custody and custody of minors, do not hesitate to contact  us.

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