These is a collection of 25 short poems . It is about verses, words thought with that poetic formula that is capable of reaching the soul. For this reason, we have wanted to make a diverse compilation, covering poems of all kinds and periods … although always short.

The 5 best short poems

We start with five short poems that we consider stand out. This is the first sample of this type of text. In this regard, we want to make it clear that the longest poems we have chosen are sonnets (14 verses in total).

1.- Poem “Quien alumbra”, Alejandra Pizarnik.

When you look at me

my eyes are keys,

the wall has secrets,

my fear words, poems.

Only you make my memory

a fascinated traveler,

an incessant fire.

2.- Poem “Here”, Octavio Paz.

My steps on this street


in another street


I hear my steps

pass on this street


only the fog is real.

3.- Poem “Rome LII”, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

The dark swallows will return

their nests to hang on your balcony,

and again with the wing to its crystals

playing they will call.

But those that the flight held back

for your beauty and my happiness to contemplate,

those who learned our names …

Those … will not return!

4.- Poem “Contigo”, Luis Cernuda.

My land?

You are my land.

My people?

My people are you.

Exile and death

for me they are where

don’t be you.

And my life?

Tell me “my life,

What is it, if it’s not you?

5.- Poem “I love, you love …”, Rubén Darío.

Loving, loving, loving, loving always, with everything

the being and with the earth and with the sky,

with the light of the sun and the dark of the mud:

love for all science and love for all desire.

And when the mountain of life

be hard and long and high and full of abysses,

love the immensity that is of love on

And burn in the fusion of our own breasts!

Once these first 5 short poems are presented , we want to invite our readers to our Valentine’s Day Phrases and Famous Book Phrases . This is an investigation and compilation that we have made for our readers.

Short poem of the week

We have selected a short poem of the week. In this case, we have chosen a fairly short poem (only five verses), its author being the Mexican writer Octavio Paz, who always delights us with the tone and style of his unusual poetry:

6.- Poem “Your name”, Octavio Paz.

It is born from me, from my shadow,

dawns on my skin,

dawn of sleepy light.

Brave dove your name,

shy on my shoulder.

There are many poets in the Spanish language who have left excellent lyrical works. In this compilation of short poems, we wanted to give priority to authors in the Spanish language, wanting to show the poetic production of our language.

All our short poems

Without further ado, we continue with our list of short poems . We do not want to comment further on the poems. Therefore, we limit ourselves to presenting them only by numbering them, placing the name of the poem and the author.

7.- Poem “Unveiled”, Gabriela Mistral

As I am a queen and I was a beggar,

now I live in pure tremor that you leave me,

and I ask you, pale, every hour:

Are you still with me? Oh, don’t go away! ”

I would like to do the marches smiling

and trusting now that you have come;

but even in sleep I’m afraid

and I ask between dreams: “Have you not gone?”

8.- Poem “Una brújula”, Jorge Luis Borges

All things are words of the

language in which someone or something, night and day,

write that infinite hubbub

which is the history of the world. In his flock

Carthage and Rome pass, I, you, him,

my life that I don’t understand, this agony

of being enigma, chance, cryptography

and all the discord of Babel.

Behind the name there is what is not named;

today I felt his shadow gravitate

in this blue needle, lucid and light,

that towards the edge of a sea tends its endeavor,

with some watch seen in a dream

and some sleeping bird that moves.

9.- Poem “Word”, Juan Gelman

You are my only word:

I dont know your name.

10.- Poem “I grow a white rose”, José Martí

Cultivate a white rose

in June as in January

For the honest friend

who gives me his frank hand

And for the cruel that tears me away

the heart with which I live,

Thistle or nettle cultivation;

I grow the white rose.

11.- Poem “El Desvío”, Pablo Neruda

If your foot strays again

will be cut off.

If your hand leads you to another path,

it will fall rotten.

If you take me out of your life

you will die even if you live.

You will still be dead or shadow,

walking the earth without me.

12.- Poem “La voz”, Heberto Padilla

It is not the guitar that makes you happy

or chase away fear at midnight.

It is not his round and meek staff

like an ox’s eye.

It is not the hand that grazes or clings to the strings

looking for the sounds,

but the human voice when it sings

and propagates the dreams of man.

13.- Poem “For competing with your hair”, Luis de Góngora

Meanwhile, to compete with your hair

gold burnished in the sun gleams in vain,

while with contempt in the middle of the plain

look at your white in front of the beautiful lily;

while to each lip, to catch it,

more eyes follow than the early carnation,

and while triumphing with lush disdain

from the shining crystal your gentle neck,

enjoys neck, hair, lip and forehead,

before what was in your golden age

gold, lily, carnation, shining crystal,

not only in silver or trunked vïola

it becomes, plus you and it together

on the ground, in smoke, in dust, in shadow, in nothing.

14.- Poem “On clear nights”, Gloria Fuentes

On clear nights

I solve the problem of the loneliness of being.

I invite the moon and with my shadow we are three.

15.- Poema “Metáforas”, Silvia Plath

Guess me: nine syllables

I have, elephant, big house,

melon with only two tentacles. O fruit, ivory, fine wood!

New money in this bag.

I am half, scene, pregnant cow.

I ate a lot of green apples.

Nobody gets off the train I’m on.

16.- Poem “Less your belly”, Miguel Hernández

Less your belly,

everything is confusing.

Less your belly,

everything is future

fleeting, past

barren, cloudy.

17.- Poem “In the ear of a girl”, Federico García Lorca

I did not want.

I didn’t want to tell you anything.

I saw in your eyes

two crazy little trees.

Of breeze, of laughter and of gold.

See me.

I did not want.

I didn’t want to tell you anything.

18.- Haikú, Jorge Luis Borges

Far a trill.

The nightingale does not know

that consoles you.

19.- Poem “Syndrome”, Mario Benedetti

I still have almost all my teeth

almost all my hair and very little gray

I can make and undo love

climb a ladder two at a time

and run forty meters behind the bus

so I shouldn’t feel old

but the serious problem is that before

I did not notice these details.

20.- Poem “Writing”, Eugenio Montejo

I will ever write with stones

measuring each of my sentences

for its weight, volume, movement.

I am tired of words.

No more pencil: scaffolding, theodolites,

the solar nudity of feeling

tattooing deep in the rocks

his secret music.

21.- Poem “When you climb to the heights”, Juan Sánchez Peláez

When you climb to the heights,

I scream in your ear:

We are mixed with the great evil of the earth.

I always feel strange.


I survive

To the panic of the nights.

She-wolf inside me, unknown,

We are guests on the hill of dreams,

22.- Poem “Sueño”, María Calcaño

I look for the word dream.

You will take her

in the shadow of your blind children,

wrong with you.

Your beloved feet!

The rain rises in color

looking at your feet.

With you the shadow is soft …

23.- Poem “Caribe”, Alejandro Castro

Of all the monuments


my favorite is the sea.

24.- Poem “The sick rose”, William Blake

You are sick, oh rose!

The invisible worm

that flies at night

in the howling of the wind,

your bed discovered

of scarlet joy ,

and his dark and secret love

consume your life.

25.- Poem “The sick rose”, William Blake

Sometimes it seems to me

that we are in the center

from the party


in the center of the party

no one

In the center of the party

there is emptiness

But in the center of the void

there is another party.

We hope that this list of short poems has been to the liking of readers. Likewise, invite you to read our 75 phrases from movies and series .

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