This list of 50 birthday phrases will surely be of great use to you. We all have friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances to congratulate on their birthdays. In this sense, these phrases can put those phrases that we need to congratulate.

The 5 best birthday phrases

Do you want to have an excellent phrase for a birthday? So, the ideal is that we tell you some phrases that are quite well known . Keep in mind that it is a special date, so words that are also as kind as they are comforting are needed.

1.- One more year of life! I hope you enjoy it, but above all that you think that your next year will be better.

2.- Have a happy birthday! And I really want, within a year, to hug and congratulate you again.

3.- Birthday is a beautiful gift: it reminds us that we must continue in this world and also be happy.

4.- I’m going to give you the best gift: my personal congratulations. Only friends are present on each special date … regardless of the distance.

5.- Many years of life await you. But we will celebrate together is a special new year. Happy Birthday! Much and great happiness!

There are many other expressions to celebrate the birth of a person. We also recommend reading our optimism phrases . Likewise, phrases for mom or phrases for dad , precisely to remember those special people.

Birthday phrase of the week

Do you know someone who adds years this week? So, we leave you a phrase made for reflection. It makes us glimpse that the true time of life is that which has quality . And to a large extent we must strive to give quality to our existence.

6.- ” Happy birthday and remember that you only live as long as you love yourself .” Claude Adrien Helvetius .

This phrase makes us reflect. It happens that birthday is a date where it is remembered that we are at a point where life is counted . Therefore, you have to know how to live.

Life is not just a count of time . You have to know how to live! And it happens that the real time is the time in which we cherish love in our hearts.

All our birthday phrases

We have a total of 50 birthday phrases to share with our readers. In this case, we want to start with phrases spoken by authors . They are quoted phrases, in which we hope to leave a beautiful message . Plus, they have the added value of being spoken by well-known authors.

7.- “ Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift ”. Aretha Franklin . Is something important. Many times, we want material gifts. However, the real gift is one more day of existence. You have to live it!

8.- ” We do not grow old with the years, but we are newer every day .” Emily Dickinson .

9.- ” The years that pass are the verses that life writes in our hearts … many happy birthday wishes .” Massimo Lo Pilato . A beautiful phrase that compares the years of life with the verses of a poem.

10.- ” Everyone is a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much .” George Harrison .

11.- ” A gentleman is a man who never forgets his wife’s birthday, but who forgets her age .” Robert Frost . Nice phrase that reminds us that ladies never have to be told their age. Judging them by age is unfair … although in any case you have to celebrate women’s birthdays.

12.- “ At twenty, the Parisian is adorable; at thirty, irresistible; at forty, lovely. After forty years? Never a lady is over forty years old . ” André Maurois . This sentence is linked with the previous one. A lady never has a birthday, that is a social norm that we must understand. That is one of the things inherent in being a gentleman!

13.- ” The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age .” Lucille Ball . A pretty old trick, a lot of people lie about their age. To be honest, it’s not a bad thing. There are far more dangerous lies than this!

14.- ” The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more you will find in it to celebrate .” Oprah Winfrey .

15.- “I hope you live to be more than 100 years old and that the last voice you hear is mine.” Frank Sinatra . Nice phrase, same that shows the desire to be in the company of someone you love … even if time passes, even when old age arrives. Get old together! This is Love!

16.- “ This year I would like to amaze you, amaze you with a fantastic and original gift, but my genius might not be appreciated. So be happy with a classic, traditional happy birthday . ” Charles M. Schultz .

17.- ” You can be beautiful at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life .” Coco Chanel .

Ready! So far we have the phrases with author. However, we cannot deny that people joke about the age issue. And there is some black humor in these jokes! For this reason, we also have a compendium of ironic and cruel birthday phrases 

18.- “Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends! You realize: I said “dear” and not “old.” I did you a favor ” . Ha ha! Birthday is nice , but it adds one more year to each calendar.

19.- “Happy birthday! Although I see that the candles take up more space on the table than the cake ”. One of the typical birthday jokes. And it is that small children put few candles, but older ones do not … many candles would be needed .

20.- “ Youth is carried inside, but on your birthday you cannot deny your age. We love you!”.

21.- “ I’ve always been to all your birthdays… I’ve already lost count of how many times they have been. But it doesn’t matter: for the umpteenth time: happy birthday! ”. A perfect phrase if you have gone to many birthdays of a person … and if you have gone to so many birthdays, do not forget something: it means that you are also old.

22.- “ When you were young you wanted to eat the world. If you eat it now, you will get fat. So you better just enjoy your birthday! “

23.- “ I hesitated between buying you a birthday present or making a donation for people in need. And you know something: I needed clothes. I bought some pants and boxers. And I bring you a hug! ”.  LOL! This phrase no longer makes jokes about the age of the birthday boy . It’s just an irony about gifts. Perhaps, a good option if you want to be ironic and at the same time avoid the issue of age (this is often prudent).

24.- “ One more year of life. You are not old, only with many years on top. They say that youth is carried inside. So, take it out for a bit and make up for the pile of candles on the cake. ” 

Now we have other birthday phrases to fall in love and conquer. Before reviewing them, we invite you to read our Valentine’s Day phrases and the love letters that we have also compiled. They are ideal words to honestly express all the magic of the feeling called love.

25.- ” I want this birthday to be as beautiful as you … that is, it is beautiful .” A phrase designed to flirt . It is time to take it into account to launch a cupid crush on that person who steals your breath.

26.- “I ‘m glad you’re birthday. On a day like today you were born and I thank God that a being who conquers my heart has come into the world ”. An ideal phrase for a couple with whom you have been sharing a feeling for some time.

27.- “ I want to give you so many things on your birthday. But nothing compares with the love that you have given me and that I return to you ”.

28.- “Your eyes are a beautiful light that was born on a day like today. Today they are one year more open, radiating that light that crosses my dreams ” . A phrase of great sentimental and poetic content . You can say it verbally, or leave it written in a letter. As you prefer!

29.- “Actually, I don’t just celebrate your birthday. I celebrate your life and my life, because our hearts beat in unison ”. Also designed for a couple with whom they have been in each other’s company for some time .

30.- “I am happy to accompany you on this your birthday. And I want all the birthdays for the rest of your life and mine to be together. And that they are an excuse to continue loving us as we have done up to now ”. The parents and children are separated . But on a birthday everyone gets together … excuse for a happy family reunion.

31.- “Every year you meet is a year that you have enriched my life. May you meet many more! ”. Wanting parents to stay with us is a beautiful feeling. Each year of our parents’ lives is a gift of life. Saying that we want parents to continue living is something that shows what is in our hearts.

These phrases are true expressions of love. However, we also compiled a list of birthday phrases for children . Children’s birthdays are perhaps the most special. They are loaded with magic, piñatas, cakes and games. And they remain in the memory of children forever! And nothing better than accompanying them with a beautiful phrase!

32.- “Happy birthday! Since we celebrated your first year, we are happy to have you. Another birthday, another year with the happiness that you are our son ”.

33.- “ Having a child is an immense joy . But much more happiness is seeing him grow up and celebrate the date of his birth every year ”. This phrase is perfect to for child older . Children’s birthdays are not just for children… children are also teenagers and adults.

34.- “Happy birthday! On a day like today you were born and you gave us something: the joy of being parents. We love you!”. And it is that a son is a blessing. It is a gift of life : it turns us from being normal human beings to being parents, a very special transformation.

35.- “I want to see you fulfill many more years. I want to see you grow, see how you change, how you achieve your goals. That happiness that only parents know! ” 

36.- “ He doesn’t want to give you a happy birthday. Actually, I want to thank you. Thank you for giving me the joy of being a father! ”. 

Have these phrases available for those special dates. However, it can also happen that children congratulate their parents. For those moments, we also have in this list several birthday phrases for parents.

37.- “ Happy birthday! You have given me life and you are very special. I want you to have many more years to be able to hug you ”.

38.- “ The joy of seeing our parents have their birthday! I wish that you continue in this life, that you tell me about my childhood, that we continue to build the memories of a family. And every time your birthday is an excuse to do it! ”. Parents are usually the family nucleus. When they get old, the children return home to congratulate them. And they return with grandchildren! It is a very special party.

39.- “ Another candle on your birthday… and I want you to have many more. Children and parents exist only to share the miracle of life. Happy Birthday!”. Another cute birthday phrase that can be dedicated to all parents .

40.- “Happy birthday! Parents give their children life, and also experience and teachings. Also, the beautiful family moments like these meetings to celebrate one more year of life ”.

Our last birthday phrases are generic. They are anonymous, designed to express the joy that arises on that day when a person adds a year to their life. It is a special moment where the company expresses itself in words of affection.

41.- “A birthday is the excuse to remember you and get together. Also, to have a party. Let’s celebrate!”.  Perhaps this is one of our most sentimental and honest birthday phrases . Express a reality: a birthday is a great excuse to get together at a party. Enjoy that party!

42.- “Another birthday! Life meets us again to remember your birth … and I want to give you a hug. Come on!”. A birthday is a reunion party and to remember life . That is something we must never forget… but we must also express it: with hugs and with words.

43.- “Friendship or family, it doesn’t matter. A birthday hug is a joy! Happiness for whoever gives it and who receives it. Happy Birthday!”. 

44.- “It is not another year… it is a day to celebrate, to meet and talk. But it is also a pact! The pact to see each other again in 365 days and have the most fun again ”. 

45.- “A birthday allows you to remember everything you have experienced. But more importantly: it also allows you to make plans for the future. It makes you wonder: where will I be on my next birthday? This is important: a birthday makes us think about the future . Think about what you will be doing on the next birthday. It is a moment of reflection that we cannot ignore.

Before continuing with the last 5 birthday phrases , we reiterate that birthdays should not be forgotten. There is nothing more impolite than forgetting a birthday. So a recommendation: have a list with the dates of the birthdays of friends, family and acquaintances.

46.- “ I wish you joy and blessings. Remember that you are a special person both inside and out. Congratulations on your birthday! “

47.- “I ask the universe to be happy, that we can continue celebrating every year of your life, that we see how we grow mutually. That is my greatest wish: to share our lives. And today with all my heart I want to tell you: Happy birthday! ”.

48.- ” I knew you had a birthday and I came to congratulate you. I couldn’t let this day go by: we celebrate that you were born, that you spend one more year with us and I want you to be happy. I wish you have a happy birthday!”.

49.- ” I’m not sure about many things, but I do have the full wish that you have a wonderful birthday.”

This is our complete list of 50 birthday phrases . We have chosen them with great detail, hoping that they will be to everyone’s liking. We have also arranged them in different categories: with author, for parents, for children, some that are generic and others with a nice load of irony. Birthdays are a joke too!

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